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The audience is super excited to watch this boxing match between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr.. Here's how you can live stream on Reddit.

Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Live Stream Fight Free Reddit Online

Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Fight live TONIGHT: time, PPV Price, Card, how to watch online reddit stream details for Tyson vs Jones. Mike Tyson and Roy Jones jr. is an easy addressable name to the boxing lovers. These two greatest boxers of all time are facing one another in 2020. We’ll know Mike Tyson as the former unbeatable heavyweight champion. On the other hand, Roy Jones JR.  

Known as the fighter of the decade, has won the people’s heart by being a former four-division world champion. Both hold an undisputed place in the boxing field and watching them facing each other on bout has been a dream for the boxing lovers.

Viewing information 

Date: Saturday, 28 November, 2020

Start time: 9 p.m. ET (main card)

Location: Staples Center — Los Angeles

TV: Traditional PPV providers

Live stream: Click here to free watch live

The audience is super excited to watch this match. As the pandemic is going on, this time people will get to experience the fantastic event only being at home.

Tyson vs Jones jr live stream

You can enjoy this exciting event of the year through live streaming, as the pandemic is going on, no one will be allowed to get a ticket and watch the match from the venue. So, live streaming will be the best and only one option you could try. Not only this but also the live stream option is more comfortable and less expensive than having the hassle of watching matches at the venue. Especially when a pandemic is going on, it would be best to the crowd as much as you can.

Keeping reading to know more in detail.

Tyson vs Jones Fight Date and Time

This exciting bout between Everett green players is going to happen in 2020. Authority has announced it’ll take place on the 28th November at the Staples centre, California. This whole event is about four hours and will start at 8 p.m. EST. The main PPV card commencing part of the game will begin at 9 p.m. EST. The most awaited part of tiu7865he event on 11 p.m when Tyson and jones will arrive. 

Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. Preview

The biggest match between the two legends is holding the excitement-breath for everyone. This two former champions of all time are going to compete this time. Though it can’t be said, who’ll take the championship, the fanbase is already deciding on their own prediction.

After 15 years, the 54 years old “iron mike” will be showing up on bout. The other legend, Roy Jones Jr. had his last match in 2018. In this 2020, this 51-year-old legend is appearing on the bout again. Both of their fanbases are eagerly waiting to watch them arrive after so many days. Both of them holds unbeatable record n their boxing career.

Who is on the Tyson vs Jones undercard?

Well, undercard is another exciting part of this big event. This will be including several exhibition fights starting at 1 A.m. As you already know there will be several matches, Let’s see the fighter names who’re about to compete.

Jamaine Ortiz VS Nahir Albright – WBC USNBSC silver lightweight.

Irvin Gonzalez jr. VS Edward Vasquez – WBC USNB featherweight title

Joe Cusumano VS Nick Jones – WBC USNBC

Jake Paul VS Nate Robinson- light heavyweights

Badou jack Vs Blake McKernan

 The Rules for Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr.

As this event is nothing like the regular matches, the authority has set some ground rules for the game. According to the risks and age of the fighters, these rules will play a significant role to complete rounds peacefully. The rules are:

Competitors have to wear 12-ounce gloves.

No headgear is allowed on the bout.

If any of the fighters face significant injury of cut, the fight will end early.

Each round will remain for two minutes instead of the three-minute rule of regular boxing matches.

There will be the celebrity guest at judges, but they won’t mark the fighters. They will be invited just to announce the fighter and keep up the excitement of bout. 

How can I watch Tyson vs Jones fight?

The two former professional boxer Tyson and jones are going to compete against one another soon this year. You might be very exciting as the rest of the World. Sadly, because of the lockdown, you can’t be at the venue for watching the event live/. But nothing to cry on, you’ll still get to watch the matches live. The only thing you would need is the cable connection or subscription of PPV service. Besides, you’ll get to watch them for free by applying some easy tricks.

Where can the Jones vs Tyson jr match be live-streamed?

In this tech-era, you won’t have to get any hassle to find live streaming services. You’ll get so many options no matter wherever you live. You need to pick the affordable one for you. Either it’s the tv channels or streaming service, both will serve you HD quality streaming of the matches.

Is the Jones vs Tyson match going to be televised?

Yes, you will get to watch the most awaited match sitting at your home. It will be televised through the broadcasting channels directly on your tv. But here is a special thing to remember, you must be under the broadcasting area to enjoy the matches. You can contact your cable operator for the confirmation too. Fite Tv is holding the right of broadcasting the whole game live directly on the USA.

Unfortunately, the British fans of the UK won’t get this opportunity to enjoy the match live on Tv. But suppose you’re somewhere in the USA & Canada. In that case, you can order the fight through significant cable operators in your area. 

United States Tyson vs Jones jr coverage

Tyson Vs Jones, the most excellent match is going to be broadcast through FITE channel. If you live in the USA, you’ll get this both available through both the online streaming service and FITE channel on tv. Also, this will be available on the

Tyson vs Jones Live Stream TV Channel

If you’re not under the broadcasting area of cable, you should go for the live streaming option. There are bunches of streaming services, offering different packages. You can also have free trials for the first few days. Let’s know about the most popular streaming services, among all of those:


If you have the subscription of Direct Tv, it’s much easier to catch matches live for you. But for the subscription, you need to spend around $49. It offers you more than 65 channels through one subscription.

Sling TV

 Sling Tv is another fantastic option to try. You can purchase the subscription. But before that make sure, you check on the channel list.

PS Vue

PlayStation Vue is another easy-to-get subscription service. This takes around $45 to have the subscription. Here, You can also have the advantage of 5 days trial option.

YouTube TV

This fantastic streaming service offers live broadcasting of almost every channel in the USA. You can also have the recording option here. It’s the most popular one according to the subscribing ratio.

How to watch Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones live streaming platforms?

As the two legends have their fanbase all around the World, it’s usual to have enough question on How to watch Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Live from the USA and other parts of the World?

You’ve nothing to worry, here you’ll get easy tips to watch the full match from every part of the World. Let’s dig into the details:

You can use VPN for getting the most comfortable access. You’ll get different broadcaster depending on your location. What you need to do is just goi to a VPN site and select a package. For this, you need to spend some bucks. There are many offers based on monthly, half-yearly and yearly. You can choose any package you like. The next thing you have to do is, selecting the location USA tattoo hide your IP address. By doing this, you’ll get access from every broadcasting service from everywhere in the World.


To watch the Tyson VS Roy, you’ll get a great broadcaster called “Showtime”. You can use this as a PPV option to enjoy the whole event being in the USA.


If you’re somewhere in Canada, you’ll get easy access to showtime and showtime live streaming services. There you can watch the whole event.


If you’re under the Australia broadcasting area, you can watch the Tyson VS Roy event live on But for that, you need to spend around $49.95 bucks.


To watch the match being in Uk, go for the BT sports. This will be holding the right to serve online broadcasting of the whole event to the people of the UK.

How to watch Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr Reddit free online?

Well if you’re not willing to spend money on the streaming site, You still have another option to try for absolutely free. You can use social media to live free streaming.


  •     Facebook
  •     Twitter
  •     Reddit
  •     Youtube

If you’ve account in any of these, you can stream the match live easily. You just have to find out the right link broadcasting the event live.

Among all of them, Reddit will be more likely to contain fewer spam links. If you’re using social media links, be aware of fake links. Rather than that Reddit will serve you the whole match live and free.

Final words

Hope the article told you everything about the breath-holding event. You can easily enjoy it through cable or your favourite device. All you need is, good internet connection. In this techie world, you don’t have to worry about access. You can enjoy the whole event easily. If the article was helpful, you could also share it with your boxing lover friends. Thanks for reading.


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