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After a delayed 2020 season, the NBA is back already. Looking to watch all of the preseason and regular action? Check out these places to live stream games.

Pumped for the NBA preseason? The best places to live stream the games

Basketball is back! On November 9th, the National Basketball Association (NBA) announced they implemented new COVID-19 guidelines to safely kickstart the 2020-2021 preseason (finally!) Since COVID-19 is still around, we’re probably not getting tickets to see the game in-person anytime soon. Meanwhile, we have the best live streaming services for your NBA entertainment. 

Since the NBA’s Board of Governors accepted the renewed Collective Bargaining Agreement for the 2020-2021 season, the NBA preseason can officially begin with a playoff tournament that started on November 17th. The NBA’s official season will start our Christmas week off on December 22nd 2020. 

According to the NBA, there will be seventy-two games played in the NBA 2020-21 season. That’s ten games less than a usual eighty-two game season – plus, the first half of the season including the training camp until March 4th 2021. Each basketball team will play three games against their team’s intraconference opponent and two against their interconference opponent. 

COVID-19 rules

The NBA’s Board of Governors announced safety measures for all NBA players & staff which includes daily testing since December 1st 2020.  The Board stated that if there is an “occurrence of independent cases” like a small number that has not been transmitted to staff or players then the NBA season will likely continue. 

If an NBA player or staff member tests positive for COVID-19, they will either go into a ten-day minimum isolation, or return once they’ve tested twice negative twenty-four hours apart. 

NBA teams may only travel with a maximum of forty-five people, including the players who travel across the country to play in various NBA arenas and stadiums. With strict COVID-19 rules fans will only be able to watch the NBA games from home. 

AT&T TV now

NBA fans can stream the entire NBA season live from their homes for only $80 per month. AT&T TV Now has the most common United States channels such as ABC, ESPN, and TNT. The streaming service doesn’t have NBA TV but provides NBA games on local sports networks like MSG, SportsNet, and Fox Sports. 

AT&T TV Now includes Comcast-owned sports networks like NBC Sports Boston and Bay Area. The benefit of using AT&T TV Now is that there are no binding contracts. You can also stream using their AT&TV Now application on multiple smart devices or websites like iOS, iPad OS, Androids, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast and many more. 

YouTube TV

YouTube may be a free music application for some, but NBA fans can subscribe and use YouTube TV to watch every dunk and dive of the newest NBA season. For a basic YouTube TV subscription it is $65 a month and includes all the NBA channels.

YouTube TV offers users “three simultaneous streams” online or on their application using devices like iOS, Android, and websites like Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Fire TV and Android TV. 


FuboTV is an online streaming service with over 100 channels for only $60 per month. FuboTV’s channels include regular stations like MSG. However, NBA Fans will need to provide an additional $6 per month if they need NBA TV. 

FuboTV provides other sports channels with the UEFA Europa League and ESPN & ABC for all NFL games. NBA fans will have a cloud DVR for thirty-hours of recording and can increase the size of their DVR for another fee of $9.99 per month. 

NBA League pass

For NBA fans that are only interested in the NBA, the NBA League Pass is just for you! The seasonal NBA subscription plan is only $199 annually (breaking down to less than $20 per month), but comes with ads and you can only access it on one device. 

To get uninterrupted content and view the games on multiple devices, you can pay a seasonal NBA League Pass subscription fee of $249 per year. The NBA League Pass also provides a “Team Pass” for those who only want to watch their top NBA team at $119 for the rest of the NBA season. 

NBA preseason games have started with the Washington Wizards vs Detroit Pistons and Orlando Magic vs Charlotte Hornets on Thursday, 17th December 2020. Let us know in the comments below what streaming service you’ll be using to watch all the NBA games.

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