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Are you looking for live streams of the upcoming NFL matches? Discover whether Reddit has you covered for the season.

Can you find NFL live streams on Reddit?

After a shortened training camp & no preseason, the NFL is already done with week two. If you don’t have NFL Sunday Ticket from Direct TV, it’s tough to get out of market games. If you’re relying on your local television broadcast to watch Sunday morning & afternoon games, we suggest bookmarking to get the broadcast map for Sunday. 

You might get lucky and find your favorite team playing in your market. If you live in a different state than your team or between multiple teams, you might never get your team on local broadcasts. Streams have become a staple for many fans trying to watch their favorite team. Many streams are on Reddit, but recently it’s been hard to find good reliable streaming sites.  

Earlier in 2020, Reddit banned the NFL streams subreddit for copyright infringement complaints. R/nflstreams was the best destination to find streaming links for every out of market football game. The ban is not a shock as Reddit also banned streaming subreddits for the NBA & soccer. 

R/nflstreams was around for a while, but Reddit was in no particular rush to shut down the subreddit. In recent years the NFL has started noticing the subreddits existence. Reddit will only ban users & subreddits for copyright infringement for repeat offenses, meaning the subreddit was getting flagged more often. That’s not to say it was the league’s doing, but r/nflstreams was getting noticed.  

If you still want to interact with the NFL community on Reddit, we suggest following your favorite team’s subreddit. There’s always a game thread for fans to discuss the game as it’s happening.

Providing a free link is a blatant copyright infringement and is highly illegal, so use caution when deciding to stream the game. Banning r/nflstreams has made it almost impossible to find reliable links on Reddit that won’t give your computer a virus. 

Many streaming websites still exist, but the subreddit to find them is gone. Google searching for NFL streams is your best bet. We suggest using, they were one of the sites featured on r/nflstreams and are still accessible. There also might be threads in your team’s subreddit about r/nflstreams alternatives. Many of them suggest as an alternative. claims to be the official backup to r/nflstreams. Many sites also claim to be the official backup or replacement, but definitely looks the cleanest and is completely dedicated to NFL streams. 

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