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Wondering where to live stream NFL games without the Reddit threat r/nflstreams? Here's the information you need to know.

Is it possible to live stream NFL games on Reddit? What to know

Against the odds & a pandemic, the NFL has finally started again. Not all of us can afford cable, so some look for other ways to watch games while avoiding the hefty monthly bill. 

Going into week four, NFL fans might be missing out on the action since Reddit has been banning live streaming subreddits over the last year. Here’s what has happened on Reddit and how to find other ways to stream NFL games.

Can you live stream NFL games on Reddit?

In the past, r/nflstreams was the go-to subreddit to find and live stream NFL games. Unfortunately, Reddit’s recent crackdown on copyright infringement violations led to a permanent ban on r/nflstreams.

Why was the subreddit banned?

Short answer: r/nflstreams (regularly) broke Reddit’s rules on copyright infringement. 

Long answer: promoting copyrighted material violates Reddit’s Copyright Repeat Infringement Policy. Reddit isn’t a stranger to copyright notices, as they received almost 35,000 notices & over 124,000 post removals in 2019 alone, according to Reddit’s Transparency Report. 

The amount of flagged copyrighted content in 2019 was more than 2018 & 2017’s combined total, leading to more scrutiny from Reddit admins to take down the worst offenders. Since then, many other subreddits dedicated to posting live streams have also been banned, like r/NBAStreams & r/SoccerStreams.

Is there any hope for a new subreddit?

Reddit users always seem to find a way, so don’t be too surprised if you find a new streaming subreddit pop up very soon, despite the ban. Some dedicated Redditors still post a live stream or two in comments and others make new live stream subreddits, where mods post links to other websites where you can live stream a game.

Where to watch?

If you don’t want to go hunting for the stray comment that goes unnoticed by Reddit mods or admin, there are still ways to live stream NFL games without cable. Unfortunately, most of them cost money, but you can still load up on the free trials if you’re good at remembering to cancel before you’re forced to pay. 

Hulu Plus Live Tv, YouTube TV, fuboTV, or Sling TV are all viable options with free trials, but make sure to cancel them as soon as possible, as they range from $30-65 a month. CBS All Access is much more affordable at $5.99 a month and still has a free trial you can utilize. For free options, you can try the NFL mobile app or the Yahoo! Sports app.

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