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Check out day 2 of the Wrangler NFR 2020 competition by tuning into these live streams.

Reddit NFR Streams – Watch Wrangler NFR 2020 Live Online- Day 2 Live stream Free Cowboy Channel from anywhere

Do you want to watch NFR 2020? Then you have come to the right place. We will take you through every trick on how to watch Wrangler NFR 2020 live stream. It is simple, easy, and you won’t have to break a sweat. The Cowboy Channel and RFD-TV will broadcast the most prestigious event from the Arlington, Texas.

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The National Finals Rodeo (NFR) 2020 has been scheduled for Arlington, Texas from the 3rd of December to the 12th of December 2020. The competition will be organized by rodeos’ North American governing body commonly known as the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA).

Check out day 2 of the Wrangler NFR 2020 competition by tuning into these live streams.

National Finals Rodeo 2020 Streaming Guide:

Start Date: 3rd December 2020 

End Date: 12th December 2020 

Organizer: PRCA 

TV Network: The Cowboy Channel & RFD-TV

Live Stream: Watch Online

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Check out day 2 of the Wrangler NFR 2020 competition by tuning into these live streams.

PRCA organizes NFR championship events to award the 120 competing contestants with international titles after the completion of the challenging rodeo events which the contestants compete in across the United States of America before they come to the NFR. All these contestants who qualify for NFR strive to get the PRCA World; All-Around Championship Title.

Watching NFR Live Stream 2020 Without a Cable Connection. In case you don’t have cable and is still wondering how to watch NFR Live Streaming here are the best options for you:

Use any of the television apps that usually carry The Cowboy Channel. There are many of them that you can choose from on the platform and which will allow you to catch the live event without necessarily having a cable connection including the following:

Ways to Watch NFR Live Streaming Online 

There are many ways to watch National Finals Rodeo online. We bring to you the best ways to watch the NFR stream online. Every eye thousand of rodeo lover watch NFR from home everyone don’t use the same device to watch rodeo online. So we give you the best place where you can watch National Finals Rodeo on any device with high-quality streaming.

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Check out day 2 of the Wrangler NFR 2020 competition by tuning into these live streams.

Watch NFR live Online 2020 on Cowboy Channel 

If you want to watch NFR Live Stream online then cowboy channel plus is the best choice for you. PRCA officially broadcast on Cowboy Channel+. Cowboy Channel has mobile apps so you can watch NFR from any location on your mobile or tabs. Cowboy Channel + also have any supported TV streaming service. If you are a cowboy lover then this facility will help you a lot to watch National Finals Rodeo online.

Watch on The Cowboy Channel VIA VPN

The Cowboy Channel is the main channel that has the absolute right to air the 2020 Wrangler NFR in Arlington, Texas. The network will cover the main event for ten straight days (from December 3rd to 12th). The event will come to a close on the 12th of December 2020 at 10 PM EST/ 7 PM EST on The Cowboy Channel.

This is awesome for all the NFR fans across the United States as they will be able to catch their favorite cowboy event in the World Championships race anytime they want to. Indeed they can even catch the action in their favorite hangout.

Watch on RFD-TV 

Another great option for those who want to get hold of the 2020 NFR championship is the RFD-TV. It is the best way for NFR lovers who don’t own cable TVs and indeed the most affordable station.

The monthly cost of the RFD-TV package that will allow you to catch NFR is less than $7. It is cheap and you won’t have to pay anything above $89 to catch the 10 nights of straight rodeo action. Get RFD-TV in low price here.

Check out day 2 of the Wrangler NFR 2020 competition by tuning into these live streams.

NFR Live on Wrangler Network Stream 

Watching NFR online the Wrangler Network streaming is one of the best choices for you. Wrangler is the official broadcaster with National Finals Rodeo. If you want to watch NFR Wrangler Network then you can get our full guide about How you can watch NFR from wrangler network.

Rural Radio Sirius XM NFR Audio Broadcast 

Thankfully, the guy behind the radio doesn’t have to be left out of their favorite event. Steve Kenyon will be with Wade Wheatley covering every step of the 2020 Wrangler NFR main event for the 10 days on the Rural Radio Sirius XM as they have always done!

WNFR Official Broadcaster for NFR 2020 

It is all over town now. Randy Corley and Wayne Brooks are co-hosting this year’s NFR Wrangler series for ten straight nights starting December 3rd as they have done for the last 5 National Finals Rodeo. It is a feat that sends them to the sixth year and there is no better place to be than here if you want to catch the event live in real-time. Watch Wrangler NFR 2020 Live Online.

 National Finals Rodeo Social Hub 

The national rodeo final has large fan flowers in socials. They love to engage with their fans in social NFR has many official social pages for Rodeo fan. NFR also provides a free NFR Live stream for its fans on social. If you follow NFR on social then you must know you can get all updates about everything.

 NFR Live on Facebook Stream 

Yes, National Rodeo Finals have a large number of followers on Facebook. You can also like the NFR page for news and updates. Do you want to follow? Just go to your Facebook about can search “LasVegasNFR” and like their page to get daily news updates.

 Stream NFR Live on Twitter 

National Rodeo Finals have an official Twitter Page if you want to get every single update about NFR then you can follow NFR on Twitter. NFR also has an app if you use a mobile phone then you can install that app and feel free to get all updates faster.

Watching NFR 2020 Live Streaming Outside the USA 

In case you live outside the USA let’s say Canada and you want to watch the 2020 Wrangler NFR championship, you have only two ways.

Firstly, you will have to sign up for a good VPN and sign for the trial version from one of the apps that offer The Cowboy Channel such as Sling TV, DirecTV Now, YouTube, PlayStation Vue, or TV Hulu with Live TV.

If that can’t work for you, the other option is to sign up for the Pro Rodeo TV. This is an awesome service and will have wider coverage. It is best for people who are living in the following countries:



United Kingdom 



NOTE: People who live outside the US can still catch the NFR live stream using the VPN options. These are Virtual Private Networks that will spoof your location and set it up as if you were within the US

However, not all these 17 events and championships are of equal importance. So, let’s take a look at the most notable NFR performances.

1 Bronc Riding

Bronc Riding is undoubtedly the most loved rodeo events. The excitement of watching a cowboy riding and controlling an agile and powerful horse is next to none. In this event, competitors try to control a horse with their unique horse braking technique and sheer strengths while the horse tries hard to buck off his rider. The constant struggle between the rider and the horse in a friendly manner is a treat to watch. 

2 Tie-down Roping

Popularly known as the calf roping, this thrilling event includes a rider (with his horse) and a calf. At first, the rider mounts his horseback and throws a rope (arranged in a lion-like shaped, not to be confused with a lasso) on to the calf. As he catches the calf, he jumps down from his horse to the calf. Finally, he uses the loop rope to tie down the three legs of the calf. The person to complete the whole process in the shortest possible time is declared as the winner. Recently, animal rights organizations are raising question marks about the event fidelity; however, the organizers ensure safe participation for all the calves.

3 Barrel Racing

Predominantly performed by the females, the Barrel racing rodeo performance is also played by the males and youths but only in the youth levels. It is a very tough event where agility and skills power over strength.

4 Steer Wrestling

Undoubtedly, this is the most dangerous physical encounter that a cowboy experiences during the rodeo events. But it is more than worthy since the danger attached to it allures and attracts the majority of audiences. It is also known as bulldogging. A rider jumps from the back of his horse directly on the steer and grabs it’s horn firmly. 

5 Team Roping

Originating at the ranches by the cowboy to handle large animals, team roping has developed as a popular rodeo event in modern days. Interestingly, it is the only event in which males and females can take part equally in either single or mix teams. Team ripping includes two riders- the header and the heeler. 

6 Bull Riding

Marked as the most dangerous 8 seconds in the world bull riding is almost identical to the standard horse riding. However, it has a higher level of difficulty. Here, the rider has to ride on a bull and fulfill two preconditions to get a score. These are- He has to keep one of his hand free, hanging high without touching the bull. 

7 Steer Roping

An improvised version of the tie-down ripping, steer roping, is performed with a large steer instead of a calf. The rider at first needs to rope the horns of the steer. Then the rider reinforces the tie with rebar and then moves forward by tossing the rope over the Steele’s right hip. Lastly, he pulls the rope leftwards and brings down the steer into the ground as he tie-downs three legs of the steer.

8 Steer Riding

Steer riding event mainly targets to inspire children to take bronc and bull riding as their profession in the future. Boys and girls aging between 8-14 years generally take part in steer riding. Here, the competitors ride a steer instead of a full-grown bull ( as a risk-minimizing procedure) and hold their grip on the steer to mount on it. It helps the participants to develop their cowboy skills necessary to ride bulls in the future.

2020 National Finals Rodeo Payoff 

For the 2020 NFR championship in Arlington, Texas, 10 million dollars is up for grabs with each contestant given $10,000 for qualifying leaving 8.8 million dollars to be won.

National Finals Rodeo: Organizers 

NFR is usually organized by the rodeos’ North American governing body. The body is commonly known as the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA). PRCA will organize the NFR championship events including the NFR 2020 to award their 120 competing cowboy contestants with several international titles once they complete the challenging rodeo events successfully. 

National Finals Rodeo: Timeline 

The 2020National Finals Rodeo (NFR) is scheduled to take place in Arlington, Texas from 3rd of December 2020 to the 12th of December 2020. The competition will run for 10 days and will feature the best cowboys’ categories. Also, we have a Full TV Schedule.

Venue of the National Finals Rodeo 

The National Finals Rodeo event will go down at the Globe Life Field, Arlington, Texas, and will run for ten days straight. This is the venue that is also the home to The University of Arlington, Texas basketball team.

Miss Rodeo America 

Miss Rodeo America is an annual competition where various games are held in the presence of the Queen. Rodeo America offers to young women to have the richest experience. It helps to build up a lifelong friendship and gives many opportunities for all the competitors as well. The person who selected she get a chance to wear a crown. Know more about how you can watch miss rodeo america online.

This program is held every year in Las Vegas. Game-winner will receive $20,000 in cash, including cowboy hats, scholarships, jewelry, as well.

Cowboy Christmas 

Cowboy Christmas is the Wrangler NFR’s official gift show held in conjunction with Rodeo in Las Vegas. Not happening in this year 2020 for covid pandemic.

Cowboy Christmas will be announced on September 30, 2020, about their location for this gift show. We should be waiting for the final declarations of the Cowboy Christmas.

About NFR App 

Las Vegas events have become very popular with viewers. The popularity is increasing day by day because of the public’s interest. Because of people’s demand, they have recently launched an app to get all the information about Wrangler National Final Rodeo.

You will get regular game updates, game schedules, ticket booking, news, and other activities in this app. You can also know all the information for Cowboy Christmas and others las vegas events update. The fantastic thing is that you can regularly know the daily results, world standing, and highlights on this NFR apps.

Junior World Final Rodeo 

Junior World Final Rodeo is a young rodeo championship that features the best in young rodeo. There are 850 countries people are participating in every year. The players will be selected to pass through bull riding, team roping, Steer Wrestling, Barrel Racing, etc. This program is held in a temperature-controlled stadium and cast on different TV channels.

The rodeo founder is the cowboy’s association, mainly an exhibition showing cowboys’ skills of their cattle ranching expertise. It is a sport that is growing throughout the whole USA and other countries. Rodeo allows the cattle holder to improve their skill and don’t be dissatisfied with their work.


Each event will have a payout of USD 1.1 million. It is a race to the wire and every contestant is in it for the money and the fun. Catch your NFR live stream and enjoy every second as the contestants outpace each other for the grand payouts. Go with any of these options that are here.

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