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Are you looking forward to the Tottenham vs Maccabi match tonight? Find out if you can live stream the match on Reddit.

Want to watch Tottenham vs Maccabi Haifa tomorrow? How to live stream on reddit

We’re not going to lie – live streaming sports games on Reddit has become a wee bit more difficult. Since Reddit’s been cracking down on copyright infringement, they’ve banned live stream subreddits like r/nflstreams. Reddit claimed in their transparency notice that they got nearly 35,000 notices & over 124,000 post removals in 2019 for copyright, so they’re cleaning house this year. 

Does that mean you can’t find upcoming soccer matches? Just because American football took a hit, does that mean the sport the rest of the world calls football is hard to find on Reddit? Let’s take a look. 


This subreddit provides a link to a free streaming site where you can watch soccer games in HD. While there’s no word on whether you can stream a specific match from this app, if you create an account, you should be able to search for specific soccer matches, including Tottenham vs. Maccabi Haifa. 

A commenter on the website even noted that the site works when streamed to your TV as well as the computer. 


This subreddit is a running list of live streams you can access through the day. They have a full list in each post of the streams you can find there. While there’s no word on Tottenham vs. Maccabi Haifa yet, they posted previous Tottenham matches, so a stream could turn up there later today. 

Bad news, though. It looks like a bot may be onto this subreddit, as a moderator has been posting about “rules” in several posts & no links can be found. Will this subreddit run dry? Stay tuned. 

Other ways to stream free

The good news is, if you can’t find Tottenham vs. Maccabi Haifa on Reddit, there are some sites, like, that are streaming the game later today. NBC Sports also points to the Bleacher Report Live to tune into the match. 

What to expect from the match

Tottenham vs. Maccabi Haifa is the third & final playoff match between the teams in the Europa League before the league’s first matchday. Maccabi Haifa is also coming into North London with a winning streak. 

Per NBC Sports, “if they (Maccabi Haifa) manage a show-stopping upset it will likely star an American,” referring to starter Josh Cohen. Cohen started all five of Maccabi’s winning games this season. 

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