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We found 5 best sports betting movies that can reconnect you with your favorite sport from the comfort of your home.

Best sport betting movies in 2020

In the past, sports betting was highly criminalized, especially in the US. But today, betting on sports with SBOBET is a legit pastime for millions with its own rules, personas, stories, and jokes, which inspired dozens of directors to film movies about this unique world. 

We found 5 best sports betting movies that can reconnect you with your favorite sport from the comfort of your home. And if you are a sports fan, check the football highlights on Buaksib.

  1. The Color of Money (1986)

The color of money is one of the rare ones that does not warn the viewers against gambling of any kind. That’s a psychological drama that brings us into the very heart of a professional gambler’s identity from the 80s. This spiritual sequel is directed by one and only Martin Scorsese. You can sometimes see in various Asian casinos.

 2. The Hustler (1961)

Many gamblers call this one their favorite movie of all time. And there’s a good reason behind it. Eddie Felson, a small-time player, is dreaming about breaking into the major billiard league. He is a pool shark, and he has the ambition to win against the best player – Minnesota Fats. 

Paul Newman did such a great job that the audience still refers to his character, “Fast” Felson, as a touchstone. The Hustler is not about just winning the final tournament. It’s about winning by accepting reality rather than blindly pursuing your dreams. The famous quote from it kind of says it all:

Bert: You got talent.
Eddie: So I got talent? So what beat me?
Bert: Character.

3. Eight Men Out (1988)

This movie will never grow old because there is nothing more intriguing than a scandal, especially if it is based on a true story. The movie tells us the story of The Chicago White Sox, set to play against the Cincinnati Reds in the World Series 1919. 

Eight players from the team made a deal with gamblers to throw the series to get considerable payoffs. But things inevitably see the light of the day, and soon after, the players have to face the grand jury and defend themselves. Eight Man Out has charm and gives a viewer an old Hollywood vibe, and is good to watch even for those far from the baseball world.

4. Bookies (2003)

Bookies maybe not as popular as other ones but is a real gem of the sport-betting movies. That’s a story of three college friends who were tired of losing money on sports betting. So they’ve got into the small-scale booking operation and were successful enough to get noticed by the organized crime outfit. So they decide to do something big to get away with it.

5. Hardball (2001)

That’s one of the best Keanu Reeves non-action roles. A gambler owns a large sum of money to two bookmakers. His friend agrees to lend him some money if he’d couch a little baseball league of troubled kids. 

This job is supposed to pay him $500 a week, and that’s all he can think about. This movie shows you the psychological state of a gambler in debt magnified by drinking problems. It’s also the first principal film role of Michel B. Jordan.

Sports betting topic is very popular not only in the movies. Thousands of people access betting sites and try their luck with betting on their favorite teams. But in some countries betting sites are baned by the government. If that’s the case, you can always use one of the VPNs for sports betting websites to bypass restrictions.

James Hwang is the editor at Gambling Giant, a website fully dedicated to the gambling industry. He spent 5 years in South Korea studying arts and then switched to a digital nomad lifestyle to travel the world. He adores pizza and Netflix, especially when those two things combined on a Friday night.


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