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Need something to look forward to? Here are all the most interesting sporting events in the world to put on your calendar.

What to watch: Sporting events like no other

Join us as we take a look at some of the most exciting and exhilarating events from across the sporting world. Unrivalled in their prestige, excitement, profitability and enjoyment, these events are icons of their sports and should certainly cement themselves a place in your sporting calendar.

The Grand National – UK 

Without doubt the most iconic horse race in the world, the Grand National has been the stage for many triumphs, and a few tears, too. From fantastic frontrunners to dark horses coming on strong, there is no lack of excitement or money making opportunities at this world renowned racing event. It’s an event that brings out all the punters and one that gets first timers into the sport, for both its excitement and gambling possibilities, in which there are endless opportunity to place all manner of bets, including many free tips for the newbies.

Twenty Four Hours of Le Mans – France 

Vintage in its status and contemporary in its racing, Twenty Four Hours of Le Mans is racing like no other. This race is all about endurance and management as cars and their drivers bid to cover the most distance in 24 hours. One for those interested in cars, endurance and good old fashioned spectating, this is an event well worth tuning in for – just make sure you are well equipped: it’s going to take a while!

NFL Superbowl -USA 

The superbowl is so much more than just a sporting event. Played at the end of the NFL season, it is a big event in the States and brings out all of the big stars from not only the world of sport, but also from the stage and screen. The bets are big and the fun is ferocious as all work and play stops for this iconic event.

Wimbledon – UK 

Think strawberries, hot afternoons and waiting for the rain to stop, and you’ve just about got tennis’ premier competition in a nutshell. With British tradition, this iconic event brings out the best in the British people (if not always the best of the British weather). Whether you fancy a flutter on a favorite, or are just interested in partaking in one of the many incentives offered at the bookies during this event, you are sure to find plenty to bet on and plenty to win. What is more, there has been some great emerging British talent over the last few years, and there’s never a better time to win than when you are cheering on one of your own.

Football World Cup – Various Locations

We all love watching the BPL and ogling at the talent and the big bucks signings. The World Cup takes it a step further and brings spectators super-sized skills and chances to win big (there are usually some pretty big egos on display too, which makes it all the more exciting). With opening parades that never fail to amaze and confuse us all in equal measure, football’s biggest tournament is never dull. Teams from around the globe battle it out to win the coveted cup which has been touched by the hands of many of the sport’s legends down the years. Bet slips at the ready for this bonanza celebration of the ‘the beautiful game’.

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