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It’s a battle tonight when the Indianapolis Colts head down to face the Tennessee Titans. Will you be watching Thursday Night Football?

Thursday Night Football tonight: Where to watch the Titans vs Colts

It’s a battle for the AFC South tonight when the Indianapolis Colts head down to face the Tennessee Titans. Tonight’s game doesn’t include the flashiest teams, but it should be a pound & ground game perfect for opening the weekend with football. 

Just like Sunday Night Football last week, tonight’s game will determine the No. spot in the division and shake up the AFC playoff picture. It’s a must-win game for Indianapolis to inch back into the playoffs. Here’s everything to know about the game and where to watch. 

Indianapolis Colts 

The Indianapolis Colts need a win tonight, and beating the Tennessee Titans is crucial for climbing back into the playoffs. If the Colts leave Tennessee with a win, they could take the No. 1 spot in the AFC South. A win for Tennessee will push both teams to a 6-3 overall record and force a tiebreaker. 

There are three teams ahead of the Colts in the AFC playoffs picture. They need two losses from either the Las Vegas Raiders, Miami Dolphins, or Cleveland Browns to claim a spot. All four teams are playing conference games, so it seems like the NFL will look at the conference records to determine the seeding. 

For a win tonight, the Colts’ defense needs to continue to dominate opposing teams. Indianapolis allows the fewest yards per game (290) and third in yards per rush (84) and pass (209) attempt. Titans’ running back Derrick Henry averages 105 yards per game, so holding Henry under ninety-five yards is crucial for the Colts. The same is true with quarterback Ryan Tannehill who has 260 yards per game. 

Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans are the favorite tonight against the Indianapolis Colts. The Titans are in the top 10 in points per game, averaging 29 points per game. They’ll be going up against the Colts, third-best 20 points allowed per game. The Titans aren’t the most efficient offense in the league, and their defense has been shaky so far. 

The Titans’ defense created 14 turnovers through eight games with nine interceptions and five fumbles. While the Colts defense has thirteen turnovers, the offense has turned the ball over nine times. So the defense will have to rout the Colts to keep the ball in the offense’s hands because the defense gives up 394 yards and 35 points per game. 

For Tennessee to win, they just need to play like they’ve been playing. They can’t let Indianapolis’s defense wreak havoc on their offense. The Titans have the better team and should prevail. Running back Derrick Henry needs to exceed the Colts’ rushing yards allowed per game. 

Predictions & where to watch

It should be a great game tonight, but the Tennessee Titans should edge out the Indianapolis Colts. The Titans are just the better team since the Colts have had a more relaxed schedule. The score is projected to be 28-21, with the Titans pulling out the win and never relinquishing the lead.   

The Colts take on the Titans at 7:30 ET, and you can watch the matchup in a few places. The game will be on Fox and the NFL Network for TV viewers. For streamers, the game will be on Amazon Prime. Fox & the NFL Network are available through most TV providers’ basic package, with Fox available on basic cable. For cord-cutters, Amazon Prime is your best option to watch Thursday games. 

Tonight should be the best game of the week, so don’t miss out! Who do you think will win tonight? Let us know in the comments.


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