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Don't miss a single football game! Here's how to live stream the NFL week 14 games this football Sunday.

NFL Streams Reddit – Watch NFL Week 14 Game Live Free From Anywhere

NFL Streams Reddit – Watch NFL Week 14 Game Everyone streaming Free. Reddit has banned these subreddits for copyright violations. So fans can’t watch the NFL Week 14 Game. From here you can get valuable information which will be much better than Reddit. 


NFL Reddit Streams

After clearing some coronavirus hurdles, the NFL returns today with week 14. You’ve probably noticed that you can’t find the Reddit NFL Streams page anymore. Read on to find out why r/nflstreams was banned and what the best alternatives are.

Last week was an unpredictable mess in our picks – the first losing record in a single week. Week 14 starts Sunday Night Football’s Steelers at Bills. This week we are previewing Sunday night’s AFC showdown between the Pittsburgh Steelers (11-1) and the Buffalo Bills (9-3).

2020 NFL Streams Reddit Week 14 Schedule

Sunday, December 13

Houston Texans vs. Chicago Bears 

Dallas Cowboys vs. Cincinnati Bengals Live Stream

Miami Dolphins vs. Kansas City Chiefs Live Stream

Arizona Cardinals vs. New York Giants Live Stream

Minnesota Vikings vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Live Stream

Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers Live Stream

Tennessee Titans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars Live Stream

Indianapolis Colts vs. Las Vegas Raiders Live Stream

New York Jets vs Seattle Seahawks Live Stream

Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions Live Stream

New Orleans Saints vs. Philadelphia Eagles Live Stream

Atlanta Falcons vs Los Angeles Chargers Live Stream

Washington Football Team vs. San Francisco 49ers Live Stream

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Buffalo Bills Live Stream

NFL Week 14 Live Stream from US

NFL Week 14 on TV this season, you’ll need a cable package that gives you access to CBS, NBC, Fox, ESPN and the NFL Network as Fox and NFL Network will show Thursday Night Football, NBC will show Sunday Night Football and ESPN will show Monday Night Football.

Watch NFL Week 14 Live Stream from UK

NFL Week 14 will be available exclusively through BT Sport in the UK. If you’re already a BT Sport subscriber, you’ll be able to watch the US football Week 9 for free beginning at Tonight.

NFL Week 14 Live Stream from Canada

If you have a cable subscription, then ordering the NFL from your cable provider might be the easiest way to watch it. However, if you’ve already cut the cord, then NFL Week 14 makes a great deal of sense as it will give you access to both the NFL Week 8 .

NFL Week 14 For VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) helps you get around this obstacle. A VPN creates a private connection between your device and the internet, such that the servers and services you’re accessing aren’t aware of what you’re doing.

A VPN is generally perfect for this as it allows you to change your IP address so you appear to be in a completely different location when the big game is on. We’ve tested hundreds of VPNs and can recommend ExpressVPN as the very best VPN currently available.

What is the Best Way to Stream NFL Games For Free Now?

Of course, there are very few truly free ways to watch the NFL for free. One of the best way is with the Yahoo! Sports App. Users can livestream games for free on their phones or tablets.

This includes MNF and TNF games too. However, fans can only watch games which are broadcast in their local TV market. The official NFL app also works in a similar way.

Keep in mind, these are option for streaming local games, and are not available for fans outside of the United States.

Other Paid Options with Free Trials

Amazon Prime Video

Starting this week, all Thursday Night Football games can be live-streamed using Amazon prime video. If you already have a prime subscription, you can stream the games at no additional charge.


This year, fans can watch NFL games live with Hulu+LiveTV. The normal Hulu package doesn’t include NFL coverage, but users can watch ESPN, NBC, Fox, and CBS for a fee.

Price: $54.99/month What’s missing?: NFL Redzone and NFL Network


Subscribers will have access to sports channels including ESPN and NFL Network. Additionally, there is an option for a 7 day free trial and for an extra $10.99, you can watch NFL Redzone too.

Price: $64.99

What’s missing?: ABC

YouTube TV

This may be the most comprehensive option for streaming NFL in 2020. With Youtube TV, you can access every channel you need for the NFL (and more). However, you will have to pay an additional $10.99 for Redzone similar to FuboTV.

Both streaming services will be available via mobile apps on Android and IOS. Moreover, fans can watch the games on their TVs  using Roku, Chromecast, Android TV, Apple TV and Fire TV with both Youtube TV and FuboTV.

Price: $64.99

What’s missing?: Technically, nothing. You’ll have to pay an additional fee for Redzone, though.

Other Streaming Services

Fans can also stream games on a number of other platforms including Sling, AT&TV Now, Vidgo, and CBS All Access.

Thursday Night Football will also be available for Amazon Prime users starting from week 12. Not the worst option for casual fans who don’t need a full blown cable replacement.

Finally, DirecTV will offer a non-satellite version of NFL Sunday ticket to people living in apartments or condos. These fans will be able to watch every Sunday afternoon game.

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