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Are you a translator looking for a new laptop? These are the 5 best choices for you and your software.

All the 5 best laptops for translator software

Most of us have already heard about laptops that are aimed at gamers or those power multimedia machines that are meant for serious sound production or graphic design. It is not so common to think about laptops that are designed for translators, yet there are some better solutions that stand out from the rest.

The most obvious aspect to think of is the keyboard, display, and battery life since the translator’s work can be compared to the duties of a professional writer or a journalist. Likewise, if you plan on using AI tools for translation purposes, more than 8GB RAM is recommended for smooth operation.

5 best laptops that will please modern translators 

1. MacBook Pro

If you are after the almost perfect display and want to use the butterfly-style keys as it was the case with the past MacBook models, you are in for a treat! The keyboard is what truly stands out in this case as there are no audible clicks and the typing becomes a pleasant experience. This machine is more powerful and offers 256GB SSD and around twelve hours of battery life. The backlit keyboard and Retina Display will keep your eyes safe, which is well worth the price. 

2. Google Pixelbook Go

This is definitely one of the best offers for those who do not mind using Chrome OS and benefit from the comfortable typing experience. What we have here is the Hush Keys Technology that will be great even if you have a baby asleep nearby. Translators working from home should consider this aspect! With the backlit keyboard, full-HD touchscreen display, 16GB RAM, and no fan, you will never get noisy and can continue with your work even when you must keep things quiet.

3. Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

Coming back to Win OS, we have this stylish laptop with a great keyboard, Intel i5, 128GB SSD, and a touchscreen. The battery offers 14.5 life hours, which is a great benefit. It has a great cooling system, so your laptop won’t overheat if you live in areas where high humidity and high daytime temperatures must be faced. It is a common choice among professionals and freelance translators alike.

You can read reviews of translation services online to see how important it is to get things done on time, which is exactly what this laptop model makes possible. It acts as a guarantee of quality and comfort as you type or edit large texts.

4. Dell Inspiron

It is a frequent choice among educational institutions and government officials because Dell stands for quality. It offers 8GB ram, 14-inch touchscreen, Win10 already installed, 1TB HDD with 128GB SSD, and a great keyboard at a reasonable price. Regardless if you are only starting out or work professionally, this laptop is a great investment. It is a great option for travelers due to solid construction.

Do not forget to visit certified language translation services as you pack your laptop for an important trip. Only certified specialists can handle all the official documents correctly. Keep yourself safe and take your time to study the options. As for the good laptop, Dell will never disappoint you!

5. ASUS ZenBook

Although it has a higher price tag, it can be either a regular model or a flip model that looks like an iPad. It has a multi-touch screen, backlit keyboard, and very lightweight construction. You can even use your handwriting with a stylus and make editions if such need comes. The best part about it is the touch screen, so you can save your work simply by tapping on the save button and answering the important call or any other urgent task.

The Software to install

It always depends on your personal preference as you might install various memory tools for translators or any professional dictionary. However, remember that different laptops have specific OS systems pre-installed, which may be good or not so good for you. Therefore, always check twice!

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