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Considering the popularity of online betting, it comes as no surprise that bookmakers have turned to films and TV. Here's what we know

Four Ways to Bet on Films and TV

Considering the popularity of online betting, it comes as no surprise that bookmakers are looking at options other than just sports to attract punters. One of the more fashionable and somewhat quirky way to earn money through betting is by setting wagers on the entertainment industry. 

A business where something or the other is always going on, there are ample opportunities for bookies to come up with odds for various bets. What is even more appealing is the fact that most people are knowledgeable about film and TV series, and can thus make an informed bet without having to research a lot. 

While betting on anything is relatively simple these days, thanks to the growing number of online sites, first-timers still need to make sure that the website they choose is legal. In addition to that, the site should offer a variety of betting options and not just particular events or sports. 

Then, it is equally essential to pick up the bonuses that every leading site provides, for these extra monetary boosts can help win big money without investing much money. Lastly, read some reviews and see which website has an excellent customer support and mobile options, so that you can wager at the last minute from anywhere in the world. 


The most obvious and thus accessible way to bet on films is through the several awards that take place throughout the year. BAFTA and Cannes are two famous gatherings. However, the granddaddy of it all is the Oscars. 

The Oscars take the topmost spot when it comes to bookmakers releasing odds during the award season. When we look at betting on the Oscars, punters can pick the best film, male or female actor, or the director, but unknown to many, months before the contenders are announced, it is also possible to set wagers on who might host the event.  

Streaming Services

Streaming services are the future of film and television entertainment, and with it comes a whole new variety of betting options for enthusiasts. While there is always the possibility to gamble on a particular character making to the end of a season, the main draw in betting when it comes to services like Netflix and Prime is if a specific series will be renewed for the next season. 

Since many times, a popular series, such as The OA, has been axed, this makes for a somewhat unusual, yet profitable way to earn through your daily television watching experience. All that is required is to keep a lookout for industry gossip, and which shows might be too eccentric for their own good.  


A slightly morbid but very much a real way to gamble on films is by choosing which celebrity will kick the bucket next. Since this is a touchy topic, not all bookmakers offer odds for such predictions, but it does happen, behind closed doors, on the down-low. 


Film casting is big business with movie stars gunning for influential roles whenever something new comes into the picture. Once again, anyone who keeps abreast with the latest Hollywood gossip is likely to have an edge. 

Still, it is very much possible to gamble on who will be the new Batman or Superman or which actor will get the leading role in Quentin Tarantino’s next venture. 

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