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There have been some exceptional movies made about blackjack. Learn about the best casino and blackjack movies, such as '21' – and more!

The Best Ever Blackjack Movies

We recently brought you the best casino movies ever made, but what about blackjack movies?

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games where players play against the house – the dealer – instead of each other. In this regard, blackjack is similar to roulette but unlike poker.

Players will be dealt two cards in the hope that they add up to 21. They can then choose to get another card to try and make 21, but if they go above 21, then the house will win. Therefore, big value cards help the player and small value cards help the house win. 

They can also choose to hold and not get another card in the hope that the house will go above 21. The game is exceptionally popular in casinos, and lots of people choose to play blackjack online as well.

The 3 Best Blackjack Movies

1. The Story of the MIT Blackjack Team – 21!

Movies become so much more enjoyable when they are based on actual events. 21 is a movie that tells the story of a group of students from MIT who are mathematically gifted and learn how to count cards from one of their professors. Card counting is a skill where players can count the type of cards which have been dealt to predict if the next cards will be low or high cards, allowing them to place bigger bets when they have a greater chance of winning.

The group became a company with significant investors who would release these students on the casinos, who would more often than not come home with big wins.

The real-life team were rumored to have around 80+ members, and many of them remain unknown to this day. The professor behind the group decided to abandon the business because it became a lot of trouble. Especially when some students/employees were being thrown out of casinos and even in jail for the night.

2. The Hangover

For big adventure and bigger laughs, no casino themed film can compete with The Hangover. As the famous wolfpack take a trip to Las Vegas, they are excited to play casino games, including blackjack. Although the movie doesn’t feature blackjack as heavily as 21 does, it still plays a part and so does a film motif of taking risks and anticipation.

Las Vegas was the perfect setting for this film and is still one of the best casino-style movies made to date.

3. The Gambler

In 2014, The Gambler was released and received rave reviews from gamblers and critics. The narrative involves a professor who needs money to get rid of a loan shark so turns to the bank of mum, which they then gamble with at underground casinos. Their two games of choice, you ask? The answer is roulette, and of course, blackjack.

The film has some serious messages throughout but manages to make them lighter with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments along the road.

Sometimes the best blackjack movies don’t always include the most iconic casino scenes. Other films you should check out include Ocean’s Eleven and Goodfellas!

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