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The biggest advantage of buying a product in large quantities is that you buy it at wholesale rates. Here's why you should bulk buy flash drives.

Benefits of Buying Bulk Flash Drives

If you sell flash drives, own a laptop store and give free drives with each laptop or you are getting storage devices for your office, buying the product in bulk is always better than buying them individually. 

The biggest advantage of buying a product in large quantities is that you buy it at wholesale rates, which are significantly lower than when you buy the product at an individual price. When we say bulk flash drives, it means an order of more than 10, and as you order more and more the price falls lower. 

Greater profit 

If you sell USB drives at your store and charge a price, for instance, $5 for a particular data capacity drive. If you buy it from other dealers in a small quantity you would’ve bought it for $4.8 which allows for very little profit on each drive sold. 

On the other hand, if you had bought the drives in bulk at a wholesale rate of say $4, you would be gaining a profit that is way greater. 

Avoid the fuss of buying again and again

When you buy these drives in bulk, not only you get them cheaper, you will also save your money that was going to be spent on the extra transport miles going to and fro markets to keep your USB flash drive supply from getting depleted. 

Also when you buy in bulk the transportation is more efficient because they can be packed more densely on a truck or carrier as opposed to the individually bought items and be transported to where you want in just one go. 

Plan ahead

When you start buying in bulk, you can track your sales more effectively. When you have a big supply to sell from there will be no disruptions in sales and the number of drives of a specific size sold per month can be counted to predict sales for each month. This prediction will help you be a better seller and always keep your stock ready in time. 

For instance, if you do buy bulk flash drives, the money you save in buying in bulk might be wasted away if you have to spend it in quick shipping and getting them in your shop in less time. You can be better prepared and order your shipment a good while before you run out of stock so there you can gain the maximum profit.


If you are a business that operates in an active community and that is very conscious about the environment, it would be a good impression if you work to reduce your carbon footprint. By buying the flash drives in bulk you are effectively using less packaging material which is much more environmentally friendly. 

Another green advantage is that you use fewer transport miles, so less fuel is burnt and less pollution is emitted into the air in the form of CO2 and other gases. Being green and planet-friendly is a big selling point for many businesses now, you can use this to your advantage.

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