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Here's what you need to know about getting Cisco certified and passing the 300-435 exam. Following these tips are sure to help.

Improve your understanding of SD-WAN by passing the Cisco 300-435 exam and getting certified

You cannot deny the fact that Cisco 300-435is one of the popular Cisco exams among the IT professionals and in the IT industry in general. It covers the automation of Cisco enterprise solutions and gives you the professional-level knowledge regarding enterprise automation and programmability. Along with the Cisco 350-401test, home for site it makes you eligible for obtaining the CCNP Enterprise credential.

If you choose this exam but not some other from the set of concentration tests, you need to know a lot of details to understand it. Therefore, in this post, we will talk more about Cisco 300-435 and especially about its topics.

But before that, it is vital to mention that this test is also a prerequisite for the Cisco Certified DevNet Professional and one of the Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist certificates. It is available in the Japanese and English languages and the voucher costs $300.

The vendor allocates 90 minutes for you to deal with about 60 questions to measure your knowledge of enterprise automated solutions, Author: Emily P Python programming, controllers, programming concepts, and APIs.

Cisco 300-435 exam and its objectives in detail

Before starting your preparation, you should know the topics of the 300-435 certification test. The domains, which you have to cover, are the following.

APIs and automate protocols

There are several subtopics of this domain, which include the identification of XML instance, comparison of uses, functionality, Author: James Q and benefits of REST CONF & NETCONF, IETF, and OpenConfig.

Network device programmability

The subtopics include the implementation of device management and use of NetMiko for monitoring.The comparison of publication and subscription telemetry models is also an important detail that you should know about. Author: Madison R

Cisco DNA center

The questions from this section measure the learners’ ability to compare traditional and software-defined networks. They need to know how to implement API requests, undertake network management tasks, and troubleshoot the Cisco Data Center automation process. It also includes Site APIs, Author: Elijah S Template APIs, Command Runner APIs, notifications, and events.

Cisco Meraki

In this subject area, the questions measure one’s knowledge of using Cisco Meraki APIs to create WebHook Alert APIs and describing the capabilities and features of Cisco Meraki.

Network programmability foundation

The subtopics of this objective cover an array of areas with the main ones connected to the description of characteristics of RPC, REST,and Python virtual environments. Other important domains include Python scripts that contain functions, data types, classes, looping, as well as APIs synchronously and asynchronously. Author: Charlotte T

Cisco SD-WAN

This part covers the usage of API requests and troubleshooting of any issues possibly occurring during the process.

Final words

In conclusion, it is important to mention that you need to use only reliable and updated materials during your preparation, otherwise, you might not cover all the details of the content. Therefore, enroll for the Cisco training course, add some verified exam dumps to master the topics, and take practice tests to see if you are ready for real Cisco 300-435. When you are ready and full of required knowledge, go for it and beat this certification exam with high results.

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