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Even without the Coronavirus looming over us, tis the season for allergies. Here's how you can get cleaner air during allergy season.

Looking for cleaner air? We’ve got the perfect solution for you

Even without the Coronavirus looming over us, tis the season for allergies. The air around us is ready to strike on unsuspected sinuses, sending people into a frenzy filled with nasal sprays and Claritin. With most places advising people to stay home, most allergy sufferers are able to bunker down at home, avoiding high pollen days. 

But as cabin fever strikes, it’s only a matter of time until you’ll want to crack a window and get that fresh air back in your lungs. How do you balance your allergy symptoms with the desire to live life in the outside world? Bring a warm/cool air humidifier into your home to help your dried up sinuses. 

The benefits of a humidifier

If you’re one of the lucky ones who deals with seasonal allergies, or even year-round symptoms, you know the struggle of not being able to sleep thanks to a stuffy nose and sinus congestion, or constantly blowing your nose trying to make the mucus move. A humidifier releases water into the air to increase an area’s humidity, making it easier to breathe for those congested.

You probably did a cheap version of this in the past with a hot shower. But a humidifier is a device that can be moved room to room to increase the humidity wherever you are. Plus, plenty of humidifiers offer a variety of features of making yourself more comfortable as you’re stuffed up.

Why Costway’s is the best deal

But even within the humidifier market, it’s hard to figure out what you need. Do you want warm vs cool steam? How loud is the machine? Can I add essential oils to the mist if I want? Costway answers all those questions and more with a variety of features on its Ultrasonic Warm/Cool Air Humidifier

For a solid $70 (or $59.49 with our discount code H465R662), Costway offers a combination warm and cool air humidifier that has a sensor to adjust the temperature of its mist to match your pre-set desires. With three levels of mist strength, and a 360-degree nozzle, all of your room can be maintained at the proper temperature. 

If you’re on the lazy side, you can use a remote control to change the intensity of the mist as well as the temperature. Of course, the biggest use of humidifiers is for sleeping, so the ultrasound of the mist will keep your bedroom comfortable without sounding like a tornado is about to blow through. 

Extra benefits of Costway’s

While essential oils are no replacement for actual medicine, they have been proven to help relax and open up the airways. A separate box for essential oils is available to add to the humidifier, allowing you to add drops of your favorite oils. 

With an easy to read LED monitor, Costway’s humidifier makes it easy to change settings. Whether you’re looking to set your humidifier to a certain temperature, put on sleep mode, or just trying to turn the machine on, all settings are a lot easier to read. 

A great deal for shoppers

Machines like Costway’s can cost in the upwards of hundreds, but even without our code, $70 is a great price. But right now, you can get the Costway Ultrasonic Warm/Cool Air Humidifier for under $60. Use code H465R662 to get $10.50 off and only pay $59.49 and free shipping! Allergy season is starting soon, so act quickly to get yourself and your family prepared.

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