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The intriguing world of video involves a mix of creativity and advanced technology. Welcome to the world of corporate video editing.

Corporate Video Editing: Finding The Sweet Spot Between Professional And Trendy

“A professional always does everything necessary to complete a job. An amateur sometimes chooses only the fun parts.”
Mike Cohn, author, and business development consultant.

The intriguing world of video involves a mix of creativity and advanced technology. It isn’t easy to make a good video, much less edit one. However, even if you can make a good video, will it be suitable for everyone?

With the technology available to us today, we can make a trendy video. But like the quotation above, it could come off as amateurish, if we make it too trendy-looking. A corporate video needs to be professional, yet with trendy overtones.

It would help if you struck a balance between trendy and professional while conceptualizing and shooting a corporate video. The editing also needs to consider certain factors, to maintain the balance. Let’s discuss how this is possible:

What You Can Keep

As we enter a new decade, we need to take a fresh look at what video has become. There is a lot of repetition in the types of videos being turned out and the editing techniques used. Even if you have an online free video editor, what will you include? 

Does that mean that we need to scrap all the old editing techniques and concepts? Definitely not. But it would be best if you use your discretion and creativity in knowing what still works best, especially for corporate videos. Here are a few useful tips: 

Speed Ramp

Using a mix of different frame rates is a good way of catching the viewer’s attention. Moderation is the key. Use this technique sparingly and appropriately. It would be best if you took care to apply frame rate variation at the correct points in the video.

Use Of Accessories Like Gimbals

People tend to wander about with a gimbal waving it like a magic wand and expecting it to behave like one. However, using such a device is more technical than you would imagine. It would be best if you planned well in advance, what shots to take with it.

Effects And Transitions

Instead of using flashy techniques and transitions, you can pick up some impactful shots and accentuate them. It is not that you should avoid effects and transitions altogether, but use them sparingly and appropriately.        


Use Of Color Grades

Color grades are very often neglected or even ignored in video editing. But this aspect should never be overlooked as it can make the difference between a good and a mediocre video. For a corporate video, a neutral color grade is a good choice.


Overlays have been around since the first films, so it is definitely something you can include. But if you are making a corporate video, you would best use some custom overlays. You can download royalty-free footage from the internet.

Use An Intro Maker

The intro of your video is what is going to keep the viewers interested in seeing what follows next. It has to deliver a powerful message. You can download intro maker no watermark products from the internet to make suitable intros for your videos.  

Borders And Extra Embellishments

Once you are done with the basic stuff, you can add a few embellishments like borders and captions. In this last stage, you can do what you feel looks the best. You can test your creative skills and seek the opinion of others.     

What You Must Include

Here are some important aspects to note while creating and editing a corporate video. If you follow these tips, you cannot go wrong:

Knowing Your Audience

You need to tailor your video according to your viewers. For instance, if the video is to be watched by members of an educational institution, it should be structured and informative. A presentation for a gaming company can be less formal. 

Precise And To The Point

It is an unfortunate but actual fact that the average viewer has a minimal attention span. When confronted with the “play” button of a video, the tendency is to take a quick look at the video’s duration.

The content of a corporate video is likely to be dull. Making it short but captivating is challenging, but not impossible. You need to trim off the extra material. Adding a few exciting graphics and animations can add the final polish to your work. 

Save The Best For First

A person only needs a few seconds to decide whether they want to watch a video or not. Hence, if you have some great parts, try to make those appear in the first few seconds of the video. In a corporate video, making an impact is the key.

Priority On Design

As a video editor, your job is to use design features to help communicate the video’s objective. It is even more critical in the case of corporate videos where the viewers are professional people who are likely to look at the video with a critical eye.

Use graphics, video techniques, and apply concepts pertinently to convey the message of a competently-produced video. 

The Power Of Music

Adding music to a video is like breathing life into it. The first thing that most viewers notice while watching a video is the music. Even before anything happens, the music usually begins.

Choose music that is relevant to the visuals. The music sets the mood of the video and communicates emotions that are difficult to describe. The combination of an emotional video with suitable music can move a person to tears.

Pay particular attention to the soundtrack that you create for your video. Although you can download free stock music online, for unrivaled quality, it might be worth paying to get stock music from paid sites. The advantage of stock music, free or paid, is that you get impactful music that matches the mood perfectly. 

The Final Word

When it comes to corporate editing, you can still retain some elements of trendiness. However, you don’t want to overdo the flashy editing and transitioning. Using a few basic tried and tested techniques sparingly and effectively is enough.

By following these video editing guidelines, you should be able to strike a delicate balance between trendy and professional, to be on top of your game.

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