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Learning how to edit video? Here's a simple guide to making fun and engaging mashup videos.

Learning to edit: How to create a simple mashup video

The mashups are crazy, calm, and interesting! If we must describe mashup in one word, it would undoubtedly be a ‘Mix.’ Even though it has several meanings for sure! But, the ones we are going to relate here are the video mashups. Creating a mix of different videos could be awesome if done correctly with a little bit of knowledge and appropriate video editing software. 

Without further ado, let’s get started on how to create attractive mashup videos!

What to Prepare before Making Mashup Videos?

The song mashups are quite common if we search on YouTube. However, the presence of mashup videos with regards to movies and other scenes is comparatively low. The reason could be a lack of awareness that you can create simple mashup videos pretty easily. As you are here to make your mashup video, we’d like to start afresh knowing the basics or pre-requisites of creating one.

Pre-Requisites of making a Mashup Video

Know your videos

Firstly, select the videos for which you are going to create a mashup. Here, you need to select more than one video as we are making a mix of videos that stunning and sync after combination. For your reference, we have taken scenes from a Hollywood and Bollywood movie to make a mashup. You can choose different videos based upon music selection such as games, funny moments, songs’ mashup videos, etc. 

Select your songs

Then, you need to select different songs and audio to sync with the video. Here, you have two options to either select an entire mashup song or create one song mashup of your own with a mix of preferred songs. Well, choose remixes carefully as it should relate to the video selected above. For instance, you can choose a romantic remix of songs if the selected scene has romantic scenes. 

It would help if you use some tools to pick up the right songs from your computer system quickly. It is beneficial to use these kinds of software, specifically when you are a DJ or want to work on a professionally organized platform. Else, you can download the audio mixes of your choice that are royalty-free. 

Use transitions and listen for the gaps.

You have to listen for gaps while creating mashup videos. Take notes while working on the remixes. It is pretty essential to use similar or smooth transitions, as well. Ensure that you are using the original track parts and apply smooth transitions to make it more interesting. All in all, you must look unique and foremost in the entire melody of video mashups. 

So, these are some common factors you need to consider before creating mashup videos. Let’s move on to making one for you with the help of Wondershare Filmora.

How to Create a Simple Mashup with WondershareFilmora?

Is Filmora suitable for video editing?

The Wondershare Filmora is not only the right choice but a cost-effective solution for video editing tasks as well. It comes with several inbuilt effects and transitions to make your video look fascinating.

Features of Wondershare Filmora X

  • You can enhance your video editing tasks with its intuitive motion tracking feature. 
  • It is super easy to make custom animations to integrate your videos with incredible visual engagement.
  • Along with being cost-effective, Filmora X is super-efficient in performance, creating more, and eliminating any repetitions.
  • Overall, the video editors are available with lots of creative possibilities, including features such as Green Screen, Audio Ducking, Keyboard Shortcuts, Color Matching, and Split Screen, etc. 
  • The Wondershare Filmora X is highly compatible with various versions of both operating systems, i.e., Mac and Windows. Also, you are available with quick options for sharing your project on different social media platforms. 

Let’s check out how simple it is to make a mashup video with WondershareFilmora X!

Steps to make a simple mashup video with WondershareFilmora X

Step 1: Upload media

After you’re over downloading the Hollywood and Bollywood scene, upload it to the main interface using the Drag feature. The image below shows the first imported media of the Bollywood scene. You can split the scenes into parts you want to reserve. 

We have uploaded our second video of the Hollywood scene as well after splitting for the required section. 

Step 2: Apply Effects & Transitions

Then, you can apply various Effects and Transitions to make your video look more awesome and attractive. There are tons of effects and transitions present in the inbuilt library of Filmora X worth consider. Even though we have not added any separate music into this mashup video, you can drag any remix into the timeline based on your choice and make it sync with the video properly.

Step 3: Export

The very last step is to export your project into the computer device. Hit the Export button given above to confirm, and you are good to go.

So, it was the simple creation procedure of mashup videos. The concept is quite cool and exciting to recreate an excellent clip on a whole new level. However, checking for specific prerequisites such as remix and a similar selection of video clips is more than necessary for a professional touch. It will make your mashup stand out among others. 

Lastly, don’t forget to check for the simple yet reliable video editing software WondershareFilmora to make amazing mashup videos using short and simple steps. Also, let us know your queries or feedback, and stay tuned to explore more on video editing!

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