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It’s time to add to your list of must-see films these five best movies about casinos. You can be sure that you will have a lot of fun while watching them.

The 5 Definitive Casino Movies

You never know what an interesting character you may come across when you play at a casino. And often, a lot of interesting situations happen there. Thus, no wonder that there are many films that tell us stories about casino-related adventures.

People adore movies about serious men in luxury suits playing at the poker table and making bets to change their life. On the contrary, some movies tell stories about young and inventive people who want to win a jackpot or rob a luxury casino in Las Vegas and disappear with millions of dollars. It’s a no-brainer that anyone can enjoy watching such awesome films, full of actions, luxurious interiors, and funny jokes.

What’s more, casinos often appear in movies about the mafia, spies, and gangsters. Some films even show some secret details of the gambling world and provide the audience with useful tips on gambling.

In case you were looking for a movie recommendation, check out the films described below. There is no doubt that you will get tons of positive emotions while watching them.


It is a casino movie that includes not only an interesting story but also a lot of funny jokes, thrilling adventures, and unexpected twists. Also, 21 will certainly satisfy the fans of detective films and suspense. This film, directed by Robert Luketic, was highly praised by critics and remains one of the best casino-related movies so far.

According to History Vs Hollywood, the movie is based on a true story and tells us about six MIT students and their teacher Kevin Spacey. The professor taught these young people how to count cards. And after several weeks of training and trips to Vegas, the students managed to win millions of dollars playing well-known Blackjack.

You’ll be impressed by the story of Ben Campbell, played by Jim Sturgess. This talented young man joined the group of students to earn enough money to enter Harvard Medical School. However, things changed unexpectedly, and the main characters faced a big risk of losing everything.

Casino Royale

Probably, any person knows about famous James Bond, a world-class spy who adores top-quality alcohol, beautiful women, and luxury casinos. In this film, you will see this famous character played by Daniel Craig and his rival Le Chiffre, aka Mads Mikkelsen. As recommended by Gamblers Daily Digest, this film is definitely worth the attention.

Casino Royale will amaze you with an exciting plot that shows the mental conflict between MI6 spy and a leader of a terror organization. And, of course, it’s impossible to imagine a movie about James Bond without the breathtaking action scenes.

Additionally, the interesting fact is that this film directed by Martin Cambell is a re-make of the 1967 movie. However, it’s much more popular than the original film, due to well-known actors, captivating plot, and wonderful camerawork.

Ocean’s 11

According to The Guardian, Steven Soderbergh definitely knows how to amaze movie fans by assembling a gang of diverse talents for a high-stakes adventure. In 2001, he directed this fascinating film that went down in the history of cinematography.

First of all, this awesome movie has an amazing star cast that includes George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, and others. Secondly, the plot is just brilliant. The film tells a story about a group of talented and risk-taking people who want to steal more than $150 million from the most popular casinos of Las Vegas.

It’s still one of the most popular movies about casinos. There is no doubt that you should watch it or enjoy rewatching Ocean’s 11 again if you like it.


It is a story about a writer Jack Manfred who is trying to make his ends meet. Due to his financial problems, he becomes a croupier at a high-street casino in London. And soon, the main character faces the dark side of the luxury casino life.

The film proves that sometimes, gambling isn’t about money but about ignoring reality. According to FilmDaily, this is a must-see movie for any person who adores playing at casinos.

Plus, it provides a great opportunity to plunge into the world of bets, chips, cards, and risk. The movie shows the cold reality that is completely different from the one presented by the majority of casino films.

The Hangover

In other cases, casino movies don’t tell about risk or criminals but about fun adventures. And in case you are looking for such a film, you definitely need to watch this awesome comedy.

It is an unbelievable story that happened in Las Vegas. It’s a movie about friendship, crazy adventures and, of course, gambling. Besides, the film teaches its audience why it’s a very bad idea to drink too much alcohol, especially when you are in Vegas.

If you like comedies and want to get a lot of positive emotions, you should watch this famous movie. Its main attraction is its cast that includes Justin Bartha, Zach Galifianakis, and Bradley Cooper. Also, you’ll see many other charismatic actors in this amazing comedy directed by Todd Phillips.


There are many other interesting casino movies, and it’s just impossible to describe all of them. However, you shouldn’t miss any film on the list above.

Also, it’ll be a great idea to call your friends or family members and watch movies together. Bring blankets and snacks, and organize a cozy evening. Alternatively, you may throw a party and even create a tiny DIY casino for an evening to have fun with your closest ones. 

And, of course, in case you don’t want just to watch but to test your luck, you can play at an online casino. Lucian Marinescu, a partner at OnlineCasinoGems, noted, “Online poker delivers an amazing thrill, similar to the one you can experience sitting at the gaming table at a casino somewhere in Las Vegas. But the undoubtful benefit of the online version is that you can do it in the comfort of your home. Moreover, online gambling services pose great possibilities for beginners to sharpen their skills.”

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