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Considering buying yourself a DSLR camera? There are five important things to consider while making your final choice.

5 factors to consider while buying a DSLR camera

Buying a new DSLR can be extremely tricky, more so when there are myriad options available in the online and offline arena. Moreover, if you are planning to purchase a high-end camera, it is necessary to adhere to the personal and professional requirements before taking the plunge.

Unlike a regular camera, DSLR purchases require technical expertise and a better understanding of the camera sensors, accessories, compatible lenses, and other relevant aspects.

In the subsequent sections, we shall take a look at 5 of the most important factors, necessary when DSLR purchases are concerned.


Although a majority of online reviews overhype the concept of megapixel resolution, this factor should be factored in with a pinch of salt. In a DSLR camera, multiple hardware components work in cohesion for producing the best possible image file. This is why you shouldn’t allow the megapixel resolution to be a major determinant when it comes to purchasing a DSLR camera.


If you are a home blogger who isn’t concerned about the heft, selecting a chunky camera for a more affordable price tag might be a good option. Then again, if you are an ardent traveler and looking for a DSLR that is built for performance and portability, you might just have to cut down on the gadget footprint to make it accommodating.


Purchasing the DSLR isn’t going to suffice if you are into professional photography. While the pre-existing lens that comes with the body might cater to your personal preferences, professionals often require innovative lenses with varying focal lengths for getting the most out of the surroundings. Moreover, if you are a more expressive shooter who has a penchant for high-end photography, lens considerations vary, depending on the nature of the photo-shoot. 

When it comes to selecting the perfect lens, try and consider the one with the maximum aperture for amplifying the amount of light that can enter the lens, and therefore the camera.


Brand presence is of paramount importance when buying a DSLR is concerned. More often than not, certain brands resonate well with the select clientele, who prefer brand-specific features. Not just that, different brands come with diverse terms, conditions, and warranties which in turn can readily influence the purchase.


A DSLR isn’t an easy electronic appliance to understand. Be it the ISO range or alignment of the optical viewfinder, every aspect of a high-end camera needs to be mastered for getting the best possible images. This is where the positioning and nature of the controllers come in handy as certain newbies prefer automatic control over the camera for initial assistance.

Some of the more seasoned photographers prefer manual controls, including the inclination towards the manual mode which eventually allows them to change the settings to get the best possible exposure and color saturation.

DSLRs are packed with features that require the utmost levels of technical exposure to get a hang of. However, for starters, it is necessary to look closely at the mentioned factors before making a purchase.

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