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Mixer is dead! But now Microsoft is partnering up with Facebook gaming to take over the livestreaming market. Will it be successful?

What is Facebook Gaming and why is Microsoft so pumped about it?

The creators of Facebook have stepped up to the virtual plate to grow their platform designed to entice the video game streaming community. Facebook Gaming hopes to entice more professional gamers to play and livestream as part of their booming service. 

Facebook Gaming is attracting a lot of attention in the world of professional gaming and among its fans. But more than that, the service has also seen an end to one of its oldest competitors, who seems to be more than content to take a place with its newest partner.

What is Facebook Gaming?

Facebook Gaming is one of the newest, hottest additions to the world of professional gaming. Its directors hope to bring an entirely new look to the game streamers who play competitive matches and livestream their performances to the world.

Facebook Gaming launched its landing page in 2018 in an attempt to compete with other platforms like Amazon’s Twitch and YouTube Gaming, providing gamers easy access to find, start, and watch live streams. In spring 2020, Facebook expanded their gaming service by launching Facebook Gaming as a standalone free mobile app. 

Facebook Gaming has seen continuous growth since its initial launch – by the end of 2019, it reportedly saw a 210% increase in hours watched and a 78% increase in average viewers per hour, according to VentureBeat

Facebook Gaming: What do gamers think? 

It’s clear from its growth statistics that Facebook Gaming is increasing in popularity among the gaming community. The old rumors that Facebook may be “outdated” or “just for your parents” might be put to rest by this innovation. 

One enticing benefit of Facebook Gaming is its ability to pay out. When streamers receive views for each livestream, their viewers have the option to award them a “star”. 100 stars earns a streamer the equivalent of one dollar. Streamers can also receive revenue for every paid subscriber to their channels. 

According to Business Insider, “those who are partnered with Facebook, giving them access to revenue streams, also suggested they could make more money on Facebook than on other gaming platforms.”

Besides the obvious monetary benefit, Facebook Gaming should have the chance to give its viewers the opportunity to enjoy the most popular and highest-paid streamers on its platform – all thanks to its most recent partnership announcement.

Microsoft partnering with Facebook Gaming

One of the competitive giants in the gaming world for the past three years has been Microsoft’s Mixer. But the tech giant announced that in July 2020 it will be officially shutting down Mixer to finish combining with Facebook.

Mixer made a bold move in the gaming world when it was able to acquire the contracts of top well-known streamers Shroud and Ninja from Amazon’s Twitch. Despite its efforts to compete, Mixer still fell behind other services including Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and Facebook Gaming.

The obvious choice for Microsoft became combine or die out – what better way than to team up with one of its fastest-growing competitors?

So why is Microsoft pumped about Facebook Gaming?

Microsoft hasn’t taken a subtle approach to its announcement; instead the company is actively directing users over to Facebook Gaming. Microsoft released a statement indicating they will help streamers switch from their soon-to-be-gone Mixer accounts to the Facebook Gaming platform. 

It’s clear Microsoft & Facebook alone may not be able to secure the title of top streaming platform. By combining, however, they may just have a chance to compete on a level of streaming and viewership with the other streaming powerhouses.

Sadly, there will be collateral damage. Some big streamers – including the aforementioned Ninja & Shroud – are no longer under contract. The two have announced they will not be joining Facebook Gaming, but will instead return to Twitch. What immediate effect will that have? We’ll find out soon enough.

Either way, streamers and viewers alike are flocking to Facebook Gaming as a booming hub for revenue & entertainment. As Facebook Gaming grows amidst Mixer’s decline, the partnership will afford both companies the opportunity to compete for the top honor in their industry – the one platform to out-stream them all.

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