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The world of gaming technology has changed rapidly over the years. The things one can do with video games are rather astounding now.

Unbelievable advances in gaming technology

Video Games have been part of mainstream culture since the early 1980s but many of the games and ways of playing are completely unrecognisable to what was available to players in those early days. Technological advances have enabled developers and the creators of games of all sorts to offer players a range of unique and innovative features, with more coming onstream virtually every month.

Whilst this also applies to casino games all over the world, from top Irish casinos to UK or Indian casinos, it is in the video games that many play at home that these advances can best be appreciated.

The list of technological advances is a lengthy one, but here are a few major developments in the area of video games.

Mobile Gaming

When video games were first invented, mobile phones were just devices for making and receiving phone calls. In 1994 IBM released the first smartphone, but it took Apple to popularize them, and make them a must-have item for millions of people.

That has spawned a host of imitators, and for many people, a smartphone is an essential part of life.

And with the roll-out of fast 4G and 5G networks, and smartphones, in real terms, falling in price all the time, games can now be played by almost everybody, anywhere in the world.


Graphics is another obvious area of improvement. In the early days, gaming relied on simple 8-bit graphics meaning that characters and action scenes were staccato, jerky, and unrealistic. Nowadays though advancements mean that the quality of graphics and enhanced image quality mean that players feel as if they are right in the game itself.


The quality of sound has improved to such an extent that an online player now would be hard pressed to tell the difference between playing a game at home and being in the heart of the action in real life.

Game designers now are able to include a whole range of sound effects previously reserved for blockbuster movies.

Voice Recognition

Allied to this is the use of voice-controlled gaming for those who do not want always to be clutching their games console. Not only can consoles be turned on and off with a simple command, but the technology can also be used to control gameplay, choose selections from a media library, or search the web, just by talking to the gaming system itself.

Motion Control

Motion control allows players to get rid of their consoles completely, with RealSense technology enabling players to play shooter games with just a few waves of their hands. 3D cameras track separate points on the hand to detect natural body movements.

Virtual Reality

Described by some as the next frontier in gaming, virtual reality headsets provide a fully immerse experience for players. Although still quite expensive, the cost of headsets is coming down all the time.

Augmented Reality

And for those who find virtual reality too demanding or are not comfortable wearing headsets, augmented reality offers an alternative view, enabling players to take real-world situations and see them from new angles or perspectives.

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