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Movies are easily our favorite form of entertainment. Struggling to find the next movie to watch? Here are personalized movie recommendation apps.

Fun Apps for Personalized Movie Recommendations

Movies are easily my favorite form of entertainment. Even if most of my friends play video games for hours on end, I still remain faithful to motion pictures. From Hollywood classics to modern sci-fi blockbusters, I love them all. Still, much like everyone, I have my own favorite genre. 

Horror is what gets my adrenaline going the most. Still, being a niche genre, it isn’t always easy to find good recommendations, especially after you’ve watched a good chunk of the most famous titles. I often feel like I need my own personal shopper – for films.

Fill in a few questionnaires to get good recommendations

Sometimes, I do enjoy doing my research and digging through reviews on the web. That way, you can find plenty of lesser-known pieces ready for viewing. Still, not everyone will have neither the time nor the patience for this sort of thing. In fact, I often find myself not wanting to bother at all. 

Luckily, today, we have the technology to make the process a lot easier. More than a couple of websites and online apps can provide you with tailor-made movie recommendations. Simply open up an account, enter your current favorites, fill in a few questionnaires, and let the algorithm determine your preferences. You’ll get some pretty interesting suggestions in a matter of minutes.

Focus on your favorite genre if you have a very specific taste

Bear in mind that not all apps will cater to all types of films. If you’re into action movies or romantic comedies, you should be fine. If, however, your taste is focused on something less mainstream, you may need to make an effort to find the right platform. With horror being my favorite, I always have to take into consideration that certain apps won’t bother offering recommendations beyond the most famous classics. 

If you’re intended on binging, you’ll need more than that. My schedule is such that I often have time for this. If I can’t get any of my friends to hang out with me, I will stream a few good slashers or thrillers – and have a blast.

Follow the news & never miss an interesting new release

Certain types of movies come in and out of fashion. Even if your preferred genre is a bit neglected at the moment, there will still be new titles worth watching. Finding a well-curated news source to keep you informed of the latest movies should be on every filmophile’s agenda. 

You can always tweak it to suit your needs and get notifications of releases you might be interested in. When it comes to such a personalized approach, I’ve found that nothing beats these apps.

Great Apps for Movie Recommendations

You never know what you might discover this way. Some of my most recent faves were never promoted by the big industry but are still immensely fun to watch. Don’t focus exclusively on popular movies but always keep an eye out for what thrills you the most.

With everything going on, we all need a little magic in our lives. Bring some into yours by checking out these classic Disney movie quotes.


Movies are a life-long passion of mine. Horror, in particular, has remained a favorite throughout most of my adulthood. With such a niche topic, you can’t always expect to find the best recommendations right off the bat. 

An app that will offer a tailor-made stream of ideas for you will then be a true blessing. Finding the right platform that will also keep you up-to-date on the latest releases should be a must. Only with such a personalized approach can you expect to watch the best of the best.

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