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So, you want to apply for the Microsoft MS-700 exam, but you still don’t know much about it? Here's how to ace the computer test.

Learn more from your Microsoft computer: Become a Microsoft Teams administrator

So, you want to apply for the Microsoft MS-700 exam, but you still don’t know much about it, right? In this case, you are the best audience for this article. Here, we give you a brief description of this test, preparation alternatives, and some of the career benefits that come with passing it.

Fine details of Microsoft MS-700 exam

Exam Collection is an exam that leads you to the Microsoft 365 Certified: Teams Administrator Associate credential. It measures whether you have the relevant skills and knowledge to accomplish a range of technical tasks or not. They include the management of Teams, app policies, calling, chat, and meetings, as well as configuration and planning of a Microsoft Teams environment.

The associated certificate is an official proof that you have all it takes to configure and deploy Office 365 workloads for Microsoft Teams. It also proves that you can do all these while you are focusing on the effectiveness and efficiency of collaboration and communication for the enterprise.

Typically, after becoming a Microsoft Teams administrator, you are expected to have the ability to plan, manage, and deploy Teams, channels, meetings, apps, chats, calls, audio conferences, and Summer Sale.

Microsoft MS-700 exam structure and preparation alternatives

As you already know, all the Microsoft exams require 700 points as a minimum score to pass. Apparently, the MS-700 test requires the same minimum pass mark. The exam is giving you 150 minutes to clear 40-60 questions. Please also note that both the number of questions and the format may change. There can be case studies, scenario-based questions, drag and drop, etc. The fee is $165 and the test is provided in the English language only. This fee may change according to the location where you are taking it.

The following topics are the ones included in the Microsoft MS-700 exam:

  1. Planning and Configuring a Microsoft Teams Environment – 45-50%;
  2. Managing Chat, Meetings, and Calling – 30-35%;
  3. Author: HARVEY N

It is important to mention that the percentage against each exam topic is the probability of questions from that particular domain appearing in the test. When you know this, it becomes easier for you to understand, which subjects you should focus more on.

When it comes to preparing for the Winter Sale 30%, you have more than just a few alternatives. For example, self-study is one of the options you can opt for. You can use some of the learning paths that are available right on the certification page. Another alternative is instructor-led training, which should be paid. Taking online training or a course with a qualified instructor is another popular prep option. Moreover, exam dumps for Real with questions and answers will greatly help you get full command and mastery of the topics.


We hope this article has given you everything you need to know about the Author: SETH Z exam. Therefore, choose the resources you want and start preparing for this test. You can start with exam dumps and practice tests to learn about the topics and structure.

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