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Looking to get more out of your streaming service? You can gain access to all kinds of new titles on Netflix by changing your region.

How to change the streaming service Netflix region and unlock more titles

Netflix is the most popular movie and TV show streaming service globally and is available in 190 countries. But while this is impressive, the streaming giant curates different content for each of these countries. This means that you may try to watch a Netflix title only to find that it is not available in your country.

The good news though is that you can virtually change your Netflix region to unlock titles that are not available in your country.

Why change Netflix region?

According to Finder, Netflix has a total of 13,500+ titles, and below is a simple distribution of the titles in the countries with the biggest catalogs.

Country Titles (percentage)
The US 40%
Canada 26%
The UK 22%
France 14%
Japan 13%

Most countries range between 8%-10%, and some even have as few as 5%!

Therefore, changing your Netflix country helps you enhance your entertainment and enjoy movies and TV shows that would otherwise not be available. With the guide below, you can know how to change your location to unlock titles.

 For example, if you are in the UK, you can change to Netflix US and watch The Walking Dead. If you are in the US, you can change to a country outside North America to watch the ever-fresh Friends.

How to change your Netflix country

There are two methods you can use to change your Netflix country: using a VPN and using a Smart DNS.

Changing Netflix region using a VPN

Using a VPN is the best and most reliable way of changing your Netflix library. A VPN helps you do this by encrypting all your traffic and then tunneling it to a server in a location of your choice. If you wish to access Netflix Canada, then all you need to do is connect your VPN to a server located in the region.

This server will then spoof your real IP address and give you a Canadian one, which you can use to access the 2nd largest Netflix library. Here’s the process you need to follow.

  1. Create a VPN account
  2. Download and install the VPN app
  3. Connect to a server
  4. Open Netflix app

From there, you can enjoy titles that are not available in your region.

However, Netflix knows this, and it has been pressured by copyright holders to start blocking VPN access. Beginning in January 2016, the streaming service announced that it would be banning VPNs on their network. Since that time, it has been blocking IP addresses associated with VPNs. 

For a VPN to continue working with Netflix, the provider has to keep on refreshing their IP addresses. This means that even though you can use the best free VPN to stream on several other platforms, such VPNs can’t be used to change Netflix country. Being free means that they don’t have the resources to play cat and mouse games with Netflix, so you’ll need a premium VPN.

Note that different VPNs offer a varied number of Netflix catalogs. Most of them support only Netflix US, but others offer up to 10 different libraries.

Changing Netflix Country using Smart DNS

The other method you can use to change your Netflix catalog is by configuring a Smart DNS service in your device. This method is simpler as you only need to set the Smart DNS in place of your default DNS. Further, it can be used on devices that do not support VPN installation, such as Smart TVs, PlayStation, Xbox, etc.

However, Smart DNS services are easily blocked by Netflix, and so they are not as reliable as a VPN. Instead of paying for a Smart DNS service, you can opt for a VPN that offers Smart DNS services. Since the VPN will continuously refresh their IP addresses, chances are their Smart DNS will also be more reliable. Configuring Smart DNS varies depending on the device, but everything is usually done under Network settings.

Wrap up

The fact that Netflix provides different libraries for every country shouldn’t restrict you to only what they offer you. Using a VPN or a Smart DNS, you can easily change your Netflix location and unlock hundreds of titles not available in your region. The guide above should help you enhance your streaming with just a few steps.

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