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Netflix has lots of hidden benefits. Check out the different ways you can take advantage of your subscription.

12 ways to get the most out of your Netflix subscription

Netflix is undoubtedly the best streaming service out there. With an extensive catalogue and an even better interface for the users to navigate through the site. 

Netflix homes numerous features which make the user experience top-notch, it offers services that are exclusive to Netflix, what are those? Read along to find out.

Choose a plan fit for your need

Netflix comes with numerous plans for its customers to fit their budget and needs. You can have a single screen plan to 4 screen plan with HD or UHD quality options perfect for streaming addicts.

Set up profiles for your family and friends

You can set up separate profiles for your friends and families on a single Netflix subscription. It will help keep all your recommendations sorted and won’t mix up movie suggestions based on other viewers’ history.  

Request a title

Trying to find a title, but it’s unavailable? Not for long. You can now easily request Netflix to add numerous of your favorite movie titles and shows missing in your library. Netflix actually listens to viewer suggestions, and your wish might just be granted one day or another. 

Browse the genre for a surprise

Most genres don’t always have the titles you would expect to be there. You’ll be surprised to find different movies and shows in Action or even Romance categories. So lookout for a surprise, and don’t always depend on the title of the category it belongs. 

Don’t go with the mainstream rating

Mainstream ratings are deceiving, not going to lie about that. There are times movies get high ratings just because of the cast or the popularity of an actor. And at times, it gets downvoted because people did not understand. But you never know, a movie not good for others may be right up your alley. 

Create a watchlist

You can build your own library with all your favorite titles that you come across and add them to a watchlist. It will save you from hours of browsing with a collection already there for you based on your choice and likes. 

Access international libraries

Did you know US Netflix has the most versatile and fantastic content of all the regional libraries? If you like abroad, you can access this library, too, with the help of a VPN. Just subscribe to one and watch American Netflix in UK, Canada, Europe, or anywhere without any restriction. 

Unlock hidden codes

Netflix has a hidden library on its service, which is accessible only through specific codes. The titles are available under multiple obscure genres categories, which look like the following. Just log in, visit the URL code), and open up a new variety of movies and shows.

  • Campy movies: 1252
  • Satires: 4922
  • Tearjerkers: 6384
  • Westerns: 7700
  • Screwball comedies: 9702
  • Cult TV shows: 74652
  • Goofy courtroom movies: 285

Download offline viewing for mobile devices

The Netflix app on Android lets you download movies and shows for offline viewing. We bet you didn’t know this, as not many users stream Netflix on their phones. But this option is a lifesaver for when you are at a boring gathering.

Turn off Auto-play trailers

Annoyed at those trailers that pop up on your screen startling you? Well you can easily turn them off by navigating to account settings where you just have to uncheck “Autoplay previews while browsing on all devices,” then click “Save” at the bottom of the page.  

Download Netflix on all your devices

Netflix is available on almost all the mainstream devices. It has a dedicated app for windows, Mac, iOS, Android and what not. It is available on all the streaming devices and smart TVs as well. Even gaming consoles have access to the Netflix app on their system. 

Keyboard shortcuts

Hate reaching for the mouse to make changes? Relax now as these keyboard shortcuts are here to make things easy and make you feel like a tech junkie with these following commands. 

  • Use the SpaceBar or Enter (PC)/Return (Mac) to Play or Pause the video
  • Press F for Full Screen. You can exit with Esc
  • Rewind 10 seconds with the left arrow key, and fast forward 10 seconds with the right arrow key
  • Increase and decrease the volume with the up arrow and the down arrow key
  • Mute the audio by pressing M
  • You can skip the intro of any TV Show by pressing S

Language, caption, subtitles, and audio description 

Netflix has a wide range of language options for it’s viewers. Since it is available world wide, you can change the audio and subtitle language accordingly. 

And while you’re at it, it also offers audio description for people who can’t see. Narrating all the aspects of the movie that do not have an audio of it’s own, more like an audiobook.

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