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You probably need to find a quick solution to make your Excel spreadsheet ready for a presentation. Here's how to use PDFBear.

Turn Any Excel Spreadsheet to A PDF Document: 4 Easy Steps On PDFBear

You probably need to find a quick solution to make your Excel spreadsheet ready for a presentation. Showing the entire Excel spreadsheet is not practical at all as it limits your ability to be efficient. What could be the best alternative in presenting an Excel spreadsheet? You can convert your spreadsheet into a PDF document to make the flow of your presentation much better.

But, is there any way wherein you can convert an Excel spreadsheet into PDF? Will this process require a complicated process? With PDFBear, you can convert any XLS file to PDF in a straightforward manner. The process will be free of any gimmicks or any unwanted fees and subscriptions. 

This article should serve as your quick guide about everything you need to know about the XLS to PDF converter on PDFBear. It is free to use, so you do not have to spend a dime to convert any Excel spreadsheet into PDF. Whether you need the PDF document for work, school, or anything, you should be able to use the converter without any problems!

XLS to PDF In 4 easy steps!

It should take anyone no less than four easy and straightforward steps in converting Excel to PDF. PDFBear made sure to lay this service out in such a way that even the less tech-savvy person can successfully manipulate the converter. All anyone using this PDFBear converter needs to do is follow these four easy steps. 

PDFBear also made sure to include these steps on the converter to serve as a guide to anyone using it. The first step is to upload any Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet that you desire to turn into a PDF document. Then, select and choose from the available options that align with your preferences. Next, click on the “Convert!” option and let the converter analyze the document & turn it into a PDF.

This four-step PDF conversion is a process that other online tools can only dream of. PDFBear prioritizes the streamlined manner of giving its services to its users. Follow these four steps, and you should have your newly-converted Excel to PDF document in no time!

Guaranteed High Standards In Excel To PDF Conversions

One of how PDFBear monitors its high standards is to give options in converting Excel to PDF to its users. It does not matter which options users pick; PDFBear ensures its users that it can deliver on those preferences. The XLS to PDF converter should be able to produce a high-quality PDF file. The main priority is to make the end product of the PDF file resemble the original Excel spreadsheet.

Users should be able to get their high-quality & newly-converted Excel files in a matter of seconds. PDFBear equates its high standards by providing a quick and easy process for its users. It even has the flexibility and capability to work with not only XLS files, but also handle any XLSX files without any issues.

Excel Conversion Through Cloud

XLS or XLSX to PDF is one of the services that PDFBear offers that is available in the Cloud. Anyone using PDFBear should be able to access these services from anywhere. It should not matter if you are working from home, the office, school, or even your daily commute. If you have an Excel file for conversion, PDFBear will convert it!

The converter tool will not be taking up any space on your hardware memory or any CPU usage. You should be able to work on the go through any web browser and a stable Internet connection. Need an emergency XLS to PDF conversion for an upcoming presentation? Open the portal and quickly convert now!

High Level Of Security

Your XLS and XLSX spreadsheets are utterly safe in the hand of PDFBear. The PDFBear servers will automatically delete and get rid of any original and converted files after an hour. Unless you save them to your account, the cloud will delete these files permanently. This procedure is to safeguard your files from other users, potentially recycling it.

PDFBear Excel to PDF, and PDFBear as a whole, operates through a 256-Bit SSL Encryption. This encryption should be able to keep your files and converting sessions completely private. For more questions about privacy, head to the Privacy Policy on the PDFBear portal.


Overall, PDFBear makes the process of converting any XLS spreadsheet to PDF a relatively easy task. This converter option should be useful among students, workers, and other professionals who deal with a lot of PDF documents. PDFBear employs a sure-fire and straightforward way of converting Excel to PDF. Anyone should have a successfully formatted PDF file in a quick minute!

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