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Avatier has created a definitive ranking of AI in movies. With Avatier's breakdown, you can easily see how AI has developed in movies from past to present.

Replicants vs. Skynet: Avatier’s definitive ranking of AI in movies

AI is constantly developing further and becoming more advanced. Although AI in the real world is still growing and changing, AI in movies has been hyper-advanced since the very beginning. It may run the gamut between good and evil, but humans have always had a fascination with advancements far beyond our current capabilities.

In movies, AI and general robotics often rank as one of three types of intelligence. First is child-like intelligence, which often manifests as either a robot with very childlike expression or one with little actual autonomy. Next is adult-like intelligence, which allows an AI to act similarly to humans. Last is superhuman intelligence, which allows these AI to make full use of their robotics and achieve something far beyond any human.

To understand more about AI in movies, Avatier did a full breakdown of a variety of AI in movies, from HAL 9000 to Robocop. With these AI statistics, you can easily see more about how AI has developed in movies over the years and where that leaves us today.

Interestingly, this analysis found a surprising correlation between intelligence level and moral alignment. Most commonly, more childlike AI was depicted as good, AI with adult intelligence was fairly mixed, and superhuman AI was largely evil.

Does that have anything to do with humanity’s distrust of robots? Maybe people feel threatened by the existence of a being many times more powerful than them. Regardless of the reason, it’s always interesting to see the development of media trends, especially as science fiction becomes closer to science fact.

But AI in the real world will always be just as interesting as the ones in the movies. Learn more about Avatier Apollo, an AI-powered agent that can help your business automate its IT tasks.

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