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As watching our favorite shows on-demand is one of the few things we can do investing in a quality television is a must. Here are the best smart TVs.

The Best Smart TVs of 2020/21: A Comparison

Having endured (and still enduring) one of the most stressful situations we are ever likely to in our lifetimes, treating ourselves to a new television is something that we deserve. As watching our favorite shows on-demand is one of the few things we can do and the only way to see our favorite sports teams play is via a screen right now, investing in a quality television is a must.

Despite what is happening around the world (you already know, so we won’t waste our time or yours going into it), some fantastic smart televisions are hitting the market in 2020/21. To help you decide which is the right set for you, we have chosen some of the best that you can get your hands on.

Samsung 43” Class Smart 4K UHD TV

When it comes to quality televisions, you will have to go a long way to beat Samsung who have the pedigree in producing fantastic sets. This 43” option comes with a full 4k ultra-HD enabled LED screen that makes for a true cinematic effect. If you are looking for a new television on a budget, the 43” option is available in the region of $280.

LG 43” Class 4K UHD LED Smart TV

The direct competitor to the aforementioned provides better value for money as it offers everything the Samsung does but is available at a considerably lower price at around $228. Ultra-Surround technology will certainly prove to be a big hit with the family, making for a fantastic viewing experience whether your Sunday afternoons are reserved for football or Disney movie marathons. 

This is the smallest model in the range, with sizes heading up to 86”. If you take a look here, you can find offers for this model available in 43”, 55” and 86 ”and Aaron´s even offers the 55” along with a 1TB Xbox bundle – now that will certainly keep you occupied during the pandemic!

Samsung 65” Class LED Curved Screen 4K UHD Smart TV

It has been several years now since the curved screen first came into our lives, immersing us in the viewing action without the need for wearing uncomfortable 3D glasses for hours on end. The Samsung 65” 4K ultra-HD curved screen smart TV comes in at a very reasonable $700, although if you are willing to settle for the smaller 55” model you can expect to find that on the market at around the $500 mark. 

If you were one of the many that were taken by the curved screen experience, this is probably the best 65 inch smart TV for you.

Philips 50” Class Smart 4K UHD TV (Available with soundbar)

Coming in at around $268, this Philips 50” model is certainly a favorite amongst families looking to stretch their dollar as far as possible. Larger than the initial Samsung and LG models at the beginning, as well as being cheaper than the former and marginally more expensive than the latter, we believe this may be the best smart TV in this price range. 

As well as offering 2160P ultra-HD, the Philips comes with Android TV and Google Assistant thrown in on top and, currently available from Aaron’s Electronics, you can purchase this model as part of a bundle with an LG 160W 2.1Ch soundbar.

Hisense 65” Class 4K UHD Smart TV

Available in 50”, 55” and 65” options, all of which come with ULED technology, there is a lot of reasons as to why you would want to buy the Hisense 4K UHD smart TV. Just like the aforementioned Philips, this is equipped with Android TV and Google Assistant which will grant you access to all your favorite television series and films at the click of a button. 

This, though, does come in a little more costly with the 50” version priced at just over $500, the 55” at $600 and the 65” at around $730.

Polaroid 65” Class LED 4K UHD T7U Series Smart TV

There is a lot to like about Polaroid’s range of LED 4K UHD T7U series and it’s not just all about the television itself. While with many other models it can take you a little while to work out which button on the remote does what, the Polaroid comes with a remote featuring dedicated buttons for Netflix, YouTube, Vudu, and Pandora. While the price for the 65” model is just under $900, you should know that the 50” comes in at a much more modest $260.

Sony 85” Class Smart LED 4K HDR Android TV

Our final smart TV of choice brings us to Sony’s offering, which comes in at a touch under $2,300 for the top of the range 85” model. Now while that certainly means it is not a budget option like some of the others, with a Sony you are buying a model of smart TV that you can trust. 

The manufacturer’s Bravia series remains one of the most popular ranges on the market and, with this LED 4K HDR Android TV option, you are buying that along with fantastic modern-day extras. If you don’t have space for an 85” model, though, you can also purchase this model in 49”, 55”, 65” and 75”.


To sum up this comparison, the best smart TV of choice comes down to how much you are willing to spend and the size you are looking for. In the search of the best balance between keeping the family and bank balance friendly, we recommend the Philips 50” Class Smart 4K UHD TV for around $268, especially as you can buy this as part of a bundle with an LG soundbar.

If you have room in your budget for something more extravagant, either the Polaroid 65” Class LED 4K UHD T7U Series Smart TV (just under $900) or Sony 85” Class Smart LED 4K HDR Android TV (just under $2,300) are our picks, depending on how big you are willing to go.



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