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If you are a newcomer to sports betting, the choice ahead of you when it comes to bookmakers is huge. Here's what you need to know.

Three beginner tips to choosing a sports betting website

If you are a newcomer to sports betting, the choice ahead of you when it comes to bookmakers is huge. There is no right or wrong answer when choosing one, much of it comes down to personal preference.

So, what do newcomers look out for when they are trying to choose which sports betting site to go with?

There are steps to follow, and the answers you give to three important questions will help you make your decisions. We have a section below dedicated to each of the three sections, these aren’t the only things to consider, but cover the most important parts.

Ready to find the sports betting site that matches your needs? Find out by answering the questions below!

Does the Welcome Offer Suit Your Likely Betting Stakes and Style?

Pretty much every bookmaker offers a welcome bonus to players. This may be bonus funds, money back, enhanced odds or free bets, they come in many different forms and also many different sizes.

Taking a free bet is a good option for beginners as these are a set figure, one bet that you can place and if the bet is a winner you get the winnings from that. There are no complicated features with free bets, and it is important to try and keep your betting as simple as possible in the early stages.

Look out for minimum stakes too with these welcome offers, and make sure they are not too high for your expected stakes. You won’t know this for certain being a new gambler, but when you see a figure you should know whether this may be too big for you.

Are the Sports and Markets You Want to Use Available?

When looking for a site to bet on, you should know what you are going to bet on. From those betting on big football tournaments such as the World Cup to those who like more specific, smaller leagues such as European ice hockey or Asian football.

We all have something we love, not always the same as other people, and this is where betting becomes personal.

Don’t worry about anything or anyone else, make sure your bookmaker offers you the sports and markets you want to bet on.

Some out there will like novelty bets alongside sports betting so check these out too. For example, do you love the Marvel series of films and want to support them? When the film award season comes around, many bookmakers will take bets on the big awards so you can back Marvel to come out on top in these.

Does the Bookmaker Offer the Platform You Need to Bet On?

The final thing to look at is how you are going to place your bets. Will this be on a computer, a mobile phone or a tablet?

Make sure your potential new bookmaker has what you need here. If you want to bet using a phone and want to do that through an app rather than a mobile browser then make sure the bookmaker offers a dedicated mobile app you can use.

The same goes for those using a tablet, make sure the app is available and works well on tablets, or if you prefer, look at the mobile browser service they have to bet through a browser. If you are planning to place bets on a computer then this is allowed with all bookmakers, but it may be worth comparing services for the future, just in case you wish to change and start using a mobile.

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