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With the recent legalization talks, newcomers have been drawn into the "pot-trade" stock. Here's our top 4 cannabis stocks to watch in 2020.

Top 4 Cannabis, Hemp, and CBD stocks to watch in 2020

The Cannabis industry is made up of legal producers, consumers, cultivators, as well as independent standard bodies. For a long period of time, this industry has been met with regulatory restrictions until recently when governments of various countries legalized recreational and medical use.

One of the many milestones of this industry in 2019 is the legalization of adult weed use by the legislative tier of the state of Illinois. However, the CALIFORNIA market is ripe and HOT!

With the state of Illinois legalizing the recreational use of cannabis, it becomes the 11th state in the US to legalize cannabis. In addition to this, the Major League Basketball also removed cannabis from one of its banned substances.

The Cannabis industry is currently running into billions of dollars with experts predicting an increase in the future. The story is the same for cannabis stocks. In the last couple of years, they have struggled but with the recent legalization talks, newcomers are been drawn into the “pot-trade” stock.

Future Of The Cannabis Industry

With thirty-three (33) countries legalizing cannabis for medical use and eleven (11) allowing recreational use as well, there is light at the end of the tunnel. We are confident of an increase in the number of states legalizing cannabis both for recreational and medical use.

In the future, we are definitely going to experience a change in attitude towards pot. With more research being conducted in and out of the country, many will begin to appreciate the benefits associated with using cannabis for medical purposes. The stigma that exists for marijuana is currently being shed and in no time, cannabis will go mainstream.

In addition to that, we will also get to experience a softening in the stance of regulatory bodies. While most of the regulatory bodies have clamped down and tightened their stance of cannabis, in the future we can expect a softened stance.

Cannabis Stocks To Watch In 2020

Cannabis is a high-growth industry. However, strong growth rates for an industry do not necessarily mean that every company that is active in this industry is an attractive investment. Investors should look at factors such as valuation, competitive position, and balance sheet as well. There are actually a number of cannabis stocks to watch in 2020.


Like most of the other cannabis stocks, Aphria flopped as way back as the summer of 2019 and this can be attributed to the vaping controversy and also the disappointment of what was supposed to be Cannabis 2.0.

While this cannabis stock flopped like some of the others, it has one thing the others don’t – positive cash flow. With over 600 million Canadian Dollars (CAD) in Aphria’s balance sheet and over 450 million CAD in its outstanding debt sheet, this cannabis stock happens to be a net positive. In addition to this sum, Aphria received a 100 million CAD cash infusion from a mystery investor.

Additionally, Aphria has received the coveted GMP status in the EU. This status will allow Aphria to sell marijuana to pharmaceutical companies in cannabis-friendly and heavily populated countries like Germany. This also means that once there is a drag of feet backward by the American government on cannabis, it doesn’t affect Aphria that much.


Tilray is currently one of the global leaders in cannabis cultivation, research, distribution, and processing. This cannabis stock is the pioneer GMP certified company. With this certification, Tilray will be able to supply cannabis extracts, flowers, and products to a large number of pharmaceutical companies, patients, governments, and hospitals in over five (5) continents.

With a team of professionals deployed to over seven (7) countries to help deliver these products to patients and pharmaceutical companies, Tilray is one of the stocks to watch this year. Recently, there was a 10% layoff of the company’s workforce. While most people saw this as trouble, it is a fantastic move. According to experts and the company’s CEO, the reduction in cost and headcount will help Tilray better position itself to be one of the winners in the Cannabis Industry.

The decision to reduce workforce and cost when the industry is still shaking is proof that this company is one with foresight. With experts predicting that the Cannabis Industry will go mainstream in a matter of time, Tilray can hire more staff to fill the positions.

Canopy Growth (CGC)

This cannabis stock is set to withstand any condition that we may experience in the industry. While the governments of Alberta and Quebec have placed a ban on vape sales, this cannabis stock prepared for this back in the month of September by shifting its attention to the Canadian market. According to the company’s CEO, it is the aim of the company to look for places where there are regulations and systems in place.

Currently, experts and analysts are expecting an increase in the quarterly revenue of the company and this is something that has never happened since the fourth quarter of the year 2019. Analysts are also predicting an 11% year-over-year revenue increase. With the state of the cannabis stock industry, any slight change will affect the price of stocks.

If there is one company capable of beating the expectations of everyone in the industry, then it has to be Canopy Growth.

Hollister Biosciences

This is one of the top companies known for the production and distribution of cannabis products. This company is known for the production of the famous hash infused pre-roll called “Hashbone”.

Being one of the cannabis stocks to watch in 2020, Hollister Biosciences Inc. has entered into a license agreement with Tommy Chong to not only manufacture but also distribute Full Spectrum Elixir 1.1.


This cannabis stock will reserve the exclusive right to manufacture and distribute this product to dispensaries all over California beginning from March 2020. The company is anticipating to produce over 25,000 of the Full Spectrum Elixir 1.1 in the first twelve (12) months of this agreement and to be sold for $70 per unit. This license agreement will definitely enrich the company and will make them one of the top cannabis stocks to watch out for in 2020.

In addition to manufacturing, Hollister Biosciences Inc. reserves the right to distribute as well.

Listen To Hollister Biosciences on the Positive Phil Podcast Show.  Where they Discuss Cannabis, Hemp and Entrepreneurship


In the last couple of years, cannabis has gone from being an illicit product to being a multi-billion dollar industry that is expected to go mainstream in a couple of years. With this industry set to kick-off, here are a couple of things you should expect.

Policy reforms are one of the things you should expect. With more states legalizing adult use of cannabis for recreational purposes, we are confident that more states will take this stance. The future of the cannabis industry is bright and will definitely reach greater heights than envisaged.

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