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Viva Las Vegas! Enter the casino and place your bets. Here's the very best Vegas casino movies scenes ever. Get ready to gamble.

The very best Vegas casino movie scenes *ever*

Viva Las Vegas! Enter the casino and place your bets. Casino movies are notorious for overdramatizing wins and losses. But we can’t blame them really, because it’s the action, excitement and drastic losses that keep us glued to the film for 90 or so minutes. 

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Con Air

Nick Cage is pretty much one of our favorite actors. Here we find him plating  Cameron Poe, a parolee on his way home accompanied by a plane full of death row criminals. The ragtag group gets to Vegas after an explosion forces an emergency landing. 

The final sequence which involves an epic high-speed chase through Vegas (past all the casinos, hotels and various sights) is one of our all-time favorite Vegas movies ever.

Rain Man

Rain Man is a pop-culture phenomenon and another famous Vegas movie The Hangover actually nods to our favorite scene from Barry Levinson’s 1988 movie. We’re gagged when Charlie (Tom Cruise) and his brother Ray (Dustin Hoffman) head to Las Vegas to earn themselves enough cash to pay off Charlie’s debts. 

With Ray counting cards in a blackjack game we were at the edge of our seats as to whether he’d earn the $80k they needed or not.


Martin Scorsese’s movie Casino might just be the very best Las Vegas movie of all time. The actual casino scenes in Casino are few and far between which makes them that bit more special. Our favorite scene is any and all featuring Oscar winner Sharon Stone who portrays Sam’s wife, Ginger.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Hunter S. Thompson was a writer like no other. A mythical figure in his own right, he lived the stories he put down on paper and invented an entirely new style of writing as the pioneer of gonzo journalism.

To keep his belly fire burning, Thompson consumed a cocktail of Chivas Regal, Dunhills, cocaine, orange juice, marijuana, Heineken, hideous mounds of food, LSD, Chartreuse, clove cigarettes, gin, and pornographic movies, culminating in great works such as the gonzo masterpiece Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

As a sprawling, hilarious tirade on the failure of the American Dream, Thompson wrote the piece in response to a sports writing assignment – a roman à clef that’s rooted in autobiographical musings.

Over 25 years after Thompson unleashed the book upon an unprepared America, director Terry Gilliam (The Man Who Killed Don Quixote) adapted the novel into a big-screen hit, about an oddball journalist and his psychopathic lawyer who travel to Las Vegas for a series of psychedelic escapades. It’s not strictly a casino movie but there’s plenty of insane casino hotels for you to feast your eyes on.

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