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Need more family activities to keep everyone happy? Camping with the family is a great way to connect with nature. Here's what you need to know.

Searching for family activities? Here are camping essentials for a fun trip

Going camping with the family is a great way to connect with each other and nature. What could be better than that? We’ve made a list of camping essentials you should never forget.

If you are planning to go camping with many people and host tailgate and barbeque parties, a camping grill is a great item to take along! Carrying a grill with you is perfect if you’re passionate about serving up some delicious grub to all campers. If you’re on the market for one, check this out.


Now, this is an obvious one, but for people still new to camping, it is always good to check and double-check if you have packed your shelter!

Nowadays, the choices of shelter are endless. Some people prefer a tent, while others camp out in an RV or even directly under the stars.

If you are buying a tent, make sure to invest in a sturdy, weather-proof one that is large enough for you. A tent can be a saving grace in cases of sudden rainfall or high winds. Even if you do not plan to sleep in your tent, having one handy is recommended. Also, remember to carry all you need to set up your tent like poles, stakes, rain cover, etc.

Make sure to also pack sleeping bags as sleeping on the hard, uneven ground is not pleasant. A sleeping bag is a must because temperatures may drop a lot at night, and you will need something warm to snuggle up in. If you are sleeping without a tent, a sleeping bag is advisable to keep you warm and also covered up from insects.

If you want, you can also carry some foldable chairs or even a hammock to sit around during the day or if you are sleeping in your vehicle.

Food and drinking supplies

Water is an essential element our bodies always require. You will need water not just for drinking, but also for cooking, cleaning, and extinguishing your campfire. Make sure to carry enough water and that you are aware of where you can fetch more from. You can even carry water purification tablets in case you are thirsty and near a body of water like a lake or stream. Always filter water from water bodies because they are not fit for consumption on their own!

One of the pleasures of camping is cooking out in the open. Carry all the supplies you will need for cooking like a grill, portable stovetop, and utensils to eat out of. Do not forget to pack cutlery and ingredients for the food as you might not get a chance to find these things near your campsite. Along with food to prepare, also carry plenty of snacks to munch on during your stay!

Appropriate clothing

While camping, it is always necessary to have the right clothes on! Opt for only a few sets of clothes that are sweatproof or moisture-wicking that can be reused a few times. Only pack essential, functional items as you do not want to carry any unnecessary weight with you. Clothes that are made of breathable fabric are great.

For layering, carry a light waterproof jacket that will not let you overheat when it’s humid but will also keep you dry if it pours. Also, carry some blankets and socks in case it gets cold in the night.

Carry a good pair of hiking or sports shoes for footwear so you can move around your campsite with ease.

If there is a chance for swimming in a lake or river, do not forget your swimsuit or trunks and a pair of flip flops.

Essential navigational and personal items

Even if you are staying at a campsite, it is easy to wander around and lose your way. This is why you should have some basic tools like a map of where you are staying, a portable GPS, and a compass as back up. Always carry a backup charger for all your electronics. For the nighttime, you should have a flashlight handy to move around the camping grounds.

Now we know camping is not supposed to be a glamorous occasion (unless you’re going glamping, of course), but there are a few essentials you must have on hand. Toilet paper, insect repellant, sunscreen, and toiletries are some things you shouldn’t leave at home.

Although a camping injury is rare, always carry a first aid kit with you in case of any scratches and blisters that may come up. A pocket knife can be very helpful for any spontaneous cutting needs.

And last but not least, entertainment! Don’t forget to carry along any fun games or sports equipment you might want to try out with the family. Instruments and speakers for a song session around the campfire are always handy.

Summing up

Now that you know about all you need before embarking on your camping adventure, you’re good to go! Camping with the family can be a very rewarding experience, just be prepared beforehand. Check your list one last time and then head out and recharge among nature and the stars.


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