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RapidVisa has released a 2020 Report on International Dating Trends. Here's an inside look at how K-1 Visa Couples meet.

International Dating Trends: An Inside Look at How K-1 Visa Couples Meet

This Valentine’s Day, many American singles may be wondering when and where they will finally find the love of their life. In today’s times, many are ‘logging on’ to find their match. Instead of being set up on blind dates and relying on meeting someone in person, people are heading to the internet to find a relationship, which is often quicker and more convenient than traditional methods.  

Just in time for the biggest romantic day of the year, RapidVisa has released a 2020 Report on International Dating Trends, highlighting the top lifestyle trends of Americans dating internationally. Interestingly, the report has uncovered a number of surprising statistics about those who are finding international love through online gaming and online dating. 

The report found that couples who meet while playing online games tend to be closer in age than those meeting through online dating sites or social media – an average 4.5 years compared to a more than ten-year age difference found on other online platforms. According to the data, 40% of fiancés tend to hail from European countries, and 15% from Canada.

You may be asking yourself, how are people finding their soulmate through online games? According to the report, “One explanation may be the higher likelihood of being sent to the same servers in MMORPGs (massive multiplayer online role-playing games) and other online-based games.” 

These larger-scale games usually connect players to the closest proximity Internet servers to reduce online lag time, which results in more opportunities to join American gamers with other Northern American countries and players from Europe. 

The top five nationalities who met a fiancé through online gaming are Portugal, Belarus, Denmark, Canada, and the Netherlands. Top games in which couples connected on include World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Game of War, Second Life and Clash of Kings.

Even though online gaming is a quickly growing trend, people are still finding international love through online dating sites as well. The report’s random sample of nearly 5,000 K-1 visa customers between 2010-2019 reveals 35% of the couples met through a dating website, and 20% on a social media platform. 

The data shows that Facebook supports over 80 percent of all social media meeting stories, and the top dating sites include Filipino Cupid, Tinder, Asian Dating, OkCupid and Cherry Blossoms. Among the top 10 dating sites, half are geared toward Asian women. 

Jennifer Price-Meers (35, from Louisville, KY) and Alexei Marina (21, from Portugal), first met while playing video games online. Once they met in person, they had an instant connection and have been planning their future ever since. “After meeting up in Ireland, and then visiting him a second time in Portugal, there was no denying our connection was strong and one on a soul level,” said Price-Meers. 

“Who knew one could meet the love of their life playing video games?!” The couple is now engaged and are currently awaiting Marina’s USCIS interview. “RapidVisa has been a huge help in expediting the arduous process and has answered our endless questions as we near the end of our visa journey.”

If you’re looking for love this Valentine’s Day, keep an open mind when it comes to online gaming and dating websites – and not just those that match Americans with other Americans. We live in a digital world, and looking online may increase your chances of finding your soulmate – who might be waiting for you across the world. 

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