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Cheesy movie most certainly doesn't mean bad movie. We've compiled a list of all the best movies 90s kids will remember fondly.

6 cheesy movies: 90s kids will remember these

Boy bands. Slap bracelets. Pogs. What could be more descriptive of a generation? What about what was on our screens? Take a time machine back to the cheesy movies ‘90s kids will remember.


Cher had plenty of style, from her coordinated plaid to her enviable sports car, and she epitomized the ’90s Valley Girl lifestyle. 1995’s Clueless was lovable for its surreal depiction of teen life, and well as its airheaded titular character. 

As kids, we knew the average 16-year-old wouldn’t really be giving romance advice to her teachers, or that daddy’s credit card was ready at hand. But we wanted our own future teen lives to be glamorous. Besides, where would ’90s kids be without one liners like, “as if” or “whatever” to set the stage for today’s “yeah right” and “whatevs.”

The Sixth Sense

“I. See. Dead. People.” The end of the 20th century was capped off with one of the most memorable phrases in film (and is still quoted today). 1999’s The Sixth Sense made us wish that communing with the dead was one super power we could never have, as young Cole Sear battled through childhood being haunted by the dearly departed. 

Along the way, Cole begins to understand himself and his ghosts, thanks to Dr. Malcolm Crowe. It was scary, exciting and sad all rolled into one, but we couldn’t help but be bamboozled by the ending penned by M. Night Shyamalan. So we had to watch it again, and everything slowly made sense. 

Hocus Pocus

“It’s just a bunch of hocus pocus!” There are few ‘90s flicks that retain cut popularity at the same level of Disney’s Hocus Pocus, but we’ve watched it every Halloween since 1993. 

Maybe it’s because of Winnie’s devotion to sucking the lives out of Salem’s children. Or Mary’s makeshift vacuum broom (How the heck do you get auto insurance for that?). It could even be the hilariously glaring plot holes (How do the witches know modern slang?). Hocus Pocus is permanently etched in our hearts, and every ‘90s kid knows the names Winifred, Sarah, Mary, Max, Allison and Dani.

Mrs. Doubtfire

Do you still envision Robin Williams when you hear Aerosmith’s “Dude Looks Like a Lady?” You’re not alone.

Recent divorcé Daniel Hillard doesn’t have a snowball’s chance of seeing his kids after wife Miranda gets full custody, but he’s a pretty talented impressionist. When his children need a new nanny, sassy old lady Mrs. Doubtfire is born.

Incomparable celebrity impressions follow, along with whipped cream facials and bodysuits set ablaze in cooking accidents. The only thing that tops the comedy in 1993’s Mrs. Doubtfire is the heartwarming message of a father willing to do anything for his kids.

The Sandlot

“You’re killing me, Smalls!” When you talk about cheesy movies 90s kids will remember, you can’t forget The Sandlot. You might even still quote the film.

New kid Scottie Smalls is clueless about baseball, but he just wants to fit in, and we all know what that’s like. Luckily, Benjamin “Benny” Rodriguez takes Smalls under his wing and teaches him everything about playing ball….But not before “The Beast” nabs a priceless Babe Ruth autographed baseball. 1993’s The Sandlot is one of those flicks that taught ‘90s kids that making friends (and a little teamwork) is easier than it seems.

Smart House

The ’90s tween film industry had plenty of cheese to go around, and it spilled into the made-for-TV arena, too. The Disney Channel knew how to draw us in with cheesy movies ‘90s kids remember all too well.

1999’s Smart House offered a glimpse at what 21st century home buying could look like. While our houses aren’t quite making breakfast, giving dating advice or going berserk like Pat, we’re getting closer with features like lighting, climate and appliance control.

Rewatch You Fave ‘90s Flick

Feeling nostalgic? Be a kid again and binge watch your favorite titles from childhood. We won’t judge.

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