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Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny shares 8 ways in which the pandemic has helped people change to a more green and organic way of living.

Amanda Joe Organic Bunny: How the pandemic helped people change to a more organic way of living

While the COVID-19 pandemic has had overwhelmingly tragic effects, there are a few hidden benefits. Our way of life has changed since people began staying at home much of the time and stopped moving around the country and the world. Families are brought together to share everyday activities.

Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny shares eight ways in which the coronavirus pandemic has helped people change to a more green and organic way of living.

1. Lower Carbon Footprint

During the early months of the pandemic when stay-at-home orders were in place, people were not traveling outside the home except for gathering supplies. Many industrial sites were shut down, and airline flights were slashed to almost nothing. This means that the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases polluting the environment were significantly diminished.

Another way in which the lower carbon footprint has been beneficial is a drop in air pollution. Nitrogen dioxide emissions, in particular, dropped by up to 40 percent in some major industrial cities. When there is lower air pollution, sensitive groups like children, the elderly, and people with asthma are healthier. This can even reduce the chances of heart attacks and strokes among sensitive groups.

2. Reducing Waste

The pandemic has caused many people to take a second look at their waste and recycling habits. When people are at home most of the time, their choices about how to handle the amount of waste they produce become more important.

COVID-19 has inspired people to recycle more, use fewer paper products, and reduce the food waste that they produce. This change is not only better for the health of the planet, but it also saves money.

3. Economizing

Many people have experienced economic disruption due to the pandemic, either losing their jobs or having their hours cut back. This means that people need to economize in their daily lives. This means fewer takeout dinners and more cooking at home using healthy ingredients.

Another way in which people are saving money and going green is by making their homes more energy-efficient. Energy-efficient homes use fewer resources, and they are more environmentally friendly as well as being less of a drain on a family’s finances. Families can use eco-friendly products to insulate their homes, keeping their homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter without burning as many fossil fuels as possible.

4. Becoming More Health-Conscious

Most people have become more health-conscious since the pandemic began. They are more cautious about hand-washing, mask-wearing, and staying away from crowds where social distancing is not possible.

The pandemic has also caused many people to realize how many artificial and dangerous products they may be using. In particular, makeup and beauty products could have dangerous industrial chemicals like parabens and sulfates. Many people are becoming far more careful about what they put into and on their bodies.

Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny is an expert on green and natural beauty products, and her website and blog are great resources for anyone who wants to change to a more sustainable beauty routine.

5. Natural Medicines

During the pandemic, many people have become interested in green and natural ways of staying healthy. This includes natural and homeopathic medicines as well as alternative treatments like essential oils. Many parents, in particular, have taken a close look at how their children are being treated for common illnesses. Earth-friendly medicines have become much more popular.

6. Shopping Locally

Many grocery staples like flour, toilet paper, and disinfectants have been difficult to get during the pandemic. While the shortages have mostly been solved, eco-conscious shoppers have learned to go to local sources. Local farms, sustainable butchers, and family-run stores have been able to step in where the large retailers are unable to get products.

7. Closer Community Ties

The pandemic has caused many communities to come closer together. Community organizations like food banks have become popular places to donate and volunteer. Many restaurants are giving away free food to people who have been affected by pandemic-related job loss.

8. Caring for Pets Naturally

Even as the pandemic has caused many people to be more cautious about their own health, they are also concerned about their pets. Green and organic pet services are becoming even more popular. Pet products that can be replaced by green alternatives include flea and tick sprays, medicines, and food. The pet food industry has become notorious in green circles, and many pet owners want to keep their pets’ diets clean.

Understanding How the Pandemic Has Affected Us

Many of the disruptions to daily life will likely continue for the foreseeable future. People who want to make their lives greener should plan on making long-term changes to their lives.

Families may find that this is the perfect time to teach their children about eco-friendly actions, especially where food, medicine, and energy efficiency are concerned.

Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny wants consumers to know that they can make measurable changes to their daily routine to be greener and more health-conscious. When families are careful to use resources wisely, they can make a difference for the world.


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