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Are you obsessed with 'American Ninja Warrior'? Here’s everything you need to know the thrilling season 12 of the competition.

Who won ‘American Ninja Warrior’ season 12?

American Ninja Warrior has proven to be a pretty popular reality series for NBC. While this year’s season 12 competition is different due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was still a lot of pulse-pounding action as the various competitors tried to clear the course and claim the title for themselves. Now, the season finale was aired on Nov. 6, 2020. Since the focus was more on the election, we’re going to break things down for you.

Who won this season of American Ninja Warrior? Which person dominated across the eight episodes and the crowdless stands? Who stood mighty in the midst of a global pandemic to claim the title of American Ninja Warrior? Here’s everything you need to know about the pulse-pounding action of the eight episodes of season 12 for the popular reality series.

How it began

Season 12 of American Ninja Warrior took place in St. Louis, Missouri with sixty-two competitors competing to reach the semi-finals. On that night, the Ninjas faced a ten-obstacle course reminiscent of the City Finals that viewers are familiar with. The top 12 from each night advanced to the next round of competition within the show. 

The course was made up of the following obstacles: Shrinking Steps, Spring Forward, Falling Shelves, Final X (includes a blind grab), Diamond Dash, Spin Hopper, Warped Wall, Salmon Ladder, Slamdunk, Dragonback x2, and Spider Trap. At the end of this, seven contestants remained that advanced forward in American Ninja Warrior to claim the top prize.

The seven contestants

Emerging early as a favorite to win the season was Jake Murray, who was the fastest person in the competition this season. He had a time of 3:56.20 on the course. Fans, however, were worried when Murray took “an odd jump on the Spring Forward”, but he quickly recovered. Following him was Daniel Gil with a time of 4:12.68, who placed second in season 11 after he ran out of time. Gil kicked Flip Rodriguez out of the top 8.

After that was Lucas Reale with a time of 4:33.36, Najee Richardson with a time of 4:36.66, Austin Gray with a time of 4:40.29, former gymnast Adam Rayl with a time of 6:24.15, and Jesse Labreck with a time of 7:31.02. 

Competition continued 

There were some shocking twists and turns American Ninja Warrior continued on. Jake Murray, who was the early favorite to win, was beaten by Amir Mailik. Mailik was then defeated by Austin Gray, who also beat Najee Richardson. It quickly became a competition between Gray and Daniel Gil, who had the fastest time after Murray, and beat Adam Rayl and Jesse Labreck. 

The Championship Match

In the end, it came down to Austin Gray vs Daniel Gil for the Championship match. Gray originally led on the steps, but things changed over the course of the race as Gil caught up. Eventually, it ended with “Daniel jumped first and took the season” on the dropping shelves. Originally, this was supposed to air on Nov. 4th, but with the election, this was changed due to broadcast networks “adjusting their primetime schedules”.

On winning the season, Gil said, “I feel like this is the championship that I’ve worked towards and that I’ve trained for, but it was also a bit unexpected, because coming into this season I was still in the mindset of a four-stage final ending with a 8-foot rope climb known as Mount Midoriyama. So that’s how I was training. That’s how I was preparing. That’s what I was ready for . . . ”

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