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Not all movies try to make sex steamy. Take a look at some of the most awkward celebrity sex scenes out there.

Cringe at the most awkward celebrity sex scenes of all time

Some sex scenes are so incredibly awkward, it can be hard to keep watching. Sometimes they’re funny, other times they’re just gross. Either way, an awkward sex scene can elicit massive amounts of cringe. 

These scenes aren’t particularly arousing, but maybe they aren’t meant to be. After all, sex scenes in movies are supposed to bring out emotions in the audience, be they excitement or disgust. Take a look at some of the most awkward sex scenes actors had to be part of.


Michael Cera tries to get lucky for the first time, but is hesitant to do it with someone as drunk as his crush is in this scene. Luckily, Cera’s character stops it before it can go any further. It’s a hilarious scene, but also incredibly awkward as an inexperienced Cera tries to react well to her drunk flirtations. 

Knocked Up 

Knocked Up is a comedy all about pregnancy, so of course, there has to be a scene that shows how complicated sex is while pregnant. It’s about as awkward as expected as Katherine Heigl is self-conscious about her stomach while Seth Rogen keeps expressing his fear of poking the baby.



Kristen Wiig & Jon Hamm couldn’t be more out of sync in the opening scene of this hilarious movie. The chemistry is intentionally completely off, making the scene uncomfortable for the actors and the viewers. 

Howard The Duck

Howard The Duck is an embarrassing enough movie, but this just adds to it. Give Lea Thompson some credit for committing to a scene where she tries to seduce a weird-looking, human-duck hybrid. Luckily, the scene stops before it goes too far but the implied image is bad enough. 

The Wolf of Wall Street

This three-hour epic from director Martin Scorsese features plenty of sex & debauchery. Here, we’re talking about the sex scene between Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his wife, Naomi (Margot Robbie) right before Naomi announces she wants a divorce. Belfort is enjoying himself, but Naomi clearly isn’t. 


MacGruber features two intentionally awkward sex scenes: one of MacGruber having sex with the ghost of his dead wife at the graveyard and the other with Kristen Wiig’s character. Both start off okay with cheesy 80s music and sensual shots, but once the music turns off, the only sounds are uncomfortably loud grunting, bad dirty talk, and awkward thrusting. 

Any sex scene from the Fifty Shades franchise

The Fifty Shades movies were at least supposed to have some steamy scenes from the two leads. However, co-stars Dakota Johnson & Jamie Dornan have zero chemistry together leading to the sex scenes, sometimes involving BDSM, more awkward than hot. The dialogue, directing, and the overall tone is incredibly off putting during these scenes. 

The Room

The Room is notorious for being the worst movie ever made and the sex scenes are no different. They are almost softcore porn with way too close-up shots, hilariously cheesy music, and Tommy Wiseau’s poor marksmanship as he appears to be aiming for his “future wife’s” bellybutton. Luckily though, you get to watch it twice because The Room shows the same footage for another sex scene. 

Sex scenes can be uncomfortable to watch anyways, but these scenes may require you to just press the fast-forward button. Did we miss any sex scenes that made you cringe? Let us know which ones we can skip! 

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