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The 'Dateline' podcast has become our go-to for catching up on our favorite show while we’re on the move. Here's the best episodes for you to get started!

Here are all the very best ‘Dateline’ podcast episodes

We are unabashedly huge fans of Dateline NBC. Keith Morrison, Josh Mankiewicz, Andrea Canning, and Dennis Murphy never disappoint us and our love of true crime. But what about when you can’t hunker down in front of the TV for an hour or two? Dateline once again has our backs, as now, we can catch all of the best Dateline episodes in podcast form.

There is something about plugging in those earbuds and letting our Dateline friends regale us with stories of twisted killers, families fighting for justice, and complete breakdowns of the wildest cases that we need the whole scoop on. 

The Dateline podcast has become our go-to for catching up on our favorite show while we’re on the move. We decided everyone else needs to be as completely hooked on the Dateline podcast like we are, so we’ve compiled the very best episodes for you to get started!

“Where Are the Children”

February 18th, 2020

The infamous Lori Vallow episode did make it into podcast form, and it is equally as totally wild as the television version. Follow along as Keith Morrison digs into the crazy story of a mother who believes she is a goddess sent to save 144,000 believers, and the efforts to find her missing children. Both fascinating and heartbreaking, “Where Are the Children” is some of the best storytelling Dateline has to offer.


September 24th, 2019
Still have questions about how horrible Jeffrey Epstein really was? The Dateline podcast episode “Reckoning” is here to clarify his dirty deeds. 

Savannah Guthrie sits down with victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre to share her story of life inside Epstein’s inner circle, including Prince Andrew’s misdeeds and the part that Epstein’s BFF and associate Ghislaine Maxwell played in her abuse. 

“Detective Story”

November 26, 2019

The completely unexpected story of the murder of Sherri Rasmussen, which was a cold case that sat on ice for over two decades, and was only solved when detectives looked right under their noses. This Dateline podcast episode is everything we love, justice, determined detectives, and a family that finally gets the closure they deserve.

“The House in the Woods”

December 2, 2019

Beginning with Dateline’s standard “perfect family”, a hockey player and his gorgeous wife seem to have it all. But when he comes home from game night to find his wife brutally murdered, only the couple’s daughter holds the key to what really happened the night of her mother’s death. The tangled web begins to unravel on this Dateline podcast episode.

“Mystery on Blood Mountain”

January 7, 2020

Meredith Emerson’s disappearance on Georgia’s Blood Mountain in 2008 played out like a horror movie. A young woman and her dog were just headed out for a New Year’s Day hike, and she was never seen alive again. However, her quick thinking left clues leading investigators right to her murderer, a serial killer who was bound to strike again. 

“Over the Edge” 

February 12, 2020

In a terrible accident, a woman falls over a cliff while hiking in the Rocky Mountain National Park with her husband, on a surprise anniversary trip. Her husband frantically tries to keep her alive while making desperate calls to park rangers and family. So why are investigators convinced that there’s more to his story than meets the eye? This Dateline podcast episode had us picking our jaws up off the floor.

“Secrets in Pleasant Grove”

March 13, 2020

A former beauty queen, Michele MacNeill decided to have plastic surgery upon turning 50. After raising 8 children with her husband of 30 years, it was time for her to do something for herself. When she died in the bathtub a little over a week after the surgery, the autopsy report decided it was due to cardiovascular disease, but her daughter was certain there was more to the story.

“The Music Box”

January 14, 2020

We do love a cold case, especially one where justice is finally served, this Dateline podcast totally delivers. Young teacher Lisa Zeigert is abducted from her evening shift at a boutique gift shop in her small town, and it becomes all the area can talk about. While the FBI and police try to work through the flying accusations, a determined woman is certain she knows who the killer is. 

“The Client”

November 11, 2019

Beautiful and successful realtor Beverly Carter in Little Rock, Arkansas goes missing after showing a home to a new client, only leaving behind a voicemail to her husband urging him not to call the police. When her captors’ ransom plan is thwarted, Beverly Carter is killed, and now investigators have a long road to find the truth.

“The Summer of Manson”

August 28, 2019

In an in-depth look at the life of Charles Manson, this was one of the most enthralling Dateline podcast episodes we’ve ever listened to. Keith Morrison gets into all of the dirty details about Manson’s evildoings, and perplexing ability to draw in vulnerable young people and convince them to kill for him.

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