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Letters and handwritten notes are still perceived as something romantic. Here's our list of the greatest movies about writing.

Greatest movies list: All the best films about writing

all these newest Internet technologies that enabled instant messaging, video communication, and telecommunication, we often forget how much the written word really means. Letters and handwritten notes are still perceived as something romantic. Books in hardcover are still more convenient to read than any electronic book.

Thus, the movie industry tries to use the theme of writing in its products to remind people that a written word has a better chance of evoking deep emotions and causing goosebumps. Also, every greatest author’s life story is special and interesting to know.

Therefore, you should definitely read the article to know about 10 of the most popular movies about writing for you to have a perfect movie night any time soon.

#1 Almost Famous

This movie is about a young boy who has two passions in his life – music, and writing. His biggest dream is to write about rock and roll and become one of the most recognized journalists in the field. 

After several articles for local publications, he connects with the band and secures a place to go on tour with them. He plans to write an article about all the experiences he is going to witness.

#2 Spotlight

Spotlight is another diamond in the inspirational movie list. It tells about investigative journalism and its role in the modern world. A group of young and inspired people who form an investigative unit work in isolation without deadlines covering the biggest scandals in the world’s modern history. 

#3 Adaptation

This movie is one of the sincerest films about writers altogether. It shows the author trying to create a screenplay adaptation of The Orchid Thief and goes through all stages of exhaustion to irritation and depression. The story is also about the differences between writers shown on the example of two twin brothers.

#4 The Help

The Help is a movie shot entirely about writing and its significance. A young woman who returns from college finds all her friends married and having kids. She, instead, wants to be a writer. Thus, a young inspiring girl decides to challenge the old-roots social norms and follow her dream instead of letting other people determine her faith.

#5 Shakespeare in Love

The central figure of this movie is a young Shakespeare who is known as the greatest writer of all time. The story combined both truth and fiction, demonstrating how hard it was for writers to make a living. The movie combined both the theme of love, adoration, and talent, adding even more mystery to the character of Shakespeare.

#6 Misery

What can be more interesting than movies about authors shot in a book by Stephen King? Misery is a diamond of his legacy’s crown. The movie is about a successful novelist who is famous for his Misery romance series. It captures the writer’s anxiety and fear, and all the intimidation authors feel when they do not feel the adoration of the audience.

#7 Can You Ever Forgive Me?

In this movie, beautiful Sara Clements plays the role of a famous biographer who accidentally experiences writer’s block leading to commercial failure. To make ends meet, she is forced to see all her personal possessions and begin creating forgeries of letters written by well-known people. The movie is heartbreaking, but it still shows the inner dignity of a writer with talent. 

#8 Wonder Boys

The movie shows that the true friendship between authors exists. They can help each other create stories and thrive even is the vast majority of people get drowned in academic and professional jealousy. The beauty of the movie is in its dialogues and funny jokes that make it easy to watch.

#9 Funny Farm

Funny Farm is one of the best comedies representing what it really means to be a writer. A New York City sportswriter moves to a little town to isolate and work on his novel. However, the writing process does not go smoothly. 

The writer experiences lots of challenges along the way including criticism, lack of concentration, writer’s block, etc. In the end, he comes to an unexpected decision about his craft and his role in the world.

#10 The Ghost Writer

This is one of the most famous thrillers about writers. The ghostwriter, played by Evan McGregor, was hired to finish the autobiography of Britain’s Retired Prime Minister. It was half-written by the previous writer who included some really sensitive information in the book. Such a discovery can be dangerous for the writer and can really threaten his life.

Final Words

This list of inspirational movies about writing is not comprehensive. Many more films that prove the audience still finds the writing process and writers fascinating. No matter what type of writing we are talking about, all people – from bloggers to book authors – who actually can write and impact one’s minds are perceived as geniuses. 

They supply the public with a piece of information to think, analyze, have fun, or cry. Their role is immense.


Susan Wallace is a freelance writer and online journalist who works for an online publication. She often initiates mini-journalistic research on written communication and its importance in our life. In this article, she is going to discuss the best movies about writing and authors, showing why the theme of writing is still critical in modern culture. 

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