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Don’t be surprised if your glasses fog up – these sex scenes are as steamy as they get. Here are our favorite movies with the best sex scenes of all time.

Here are the best movie sex scenes of all time – you’re welcome

We know why you’re here. It’s time to spice up movie night. Don’t worry – it’s okay to look for something on the steamier side now & then. When movies are too vanilla they lose that sweet sensual twist we’re all hoping for. (Just make sure that your parents aren’t with you on movie night, or the moment will be shattered.) 

Hopefully one of these movies will set the mood for you. Get ready for your cheeks to flush a fuchsia hue, because you’re delving into a collection of super salacious sex scenes. Here are our top picks for best movie sex scenes of all time. 

Don’t be surprised if your glasses fog up – these sex scenes are as steamy as they get.


When it comes to movie sex scenes, Titanic is as classic as it gets. The timeless romance is vibrant with passionate moments between Jack & Rose – the star-crossed lovers. Coming from two different worlds, Jack & Rose face conflict in their pursuit of love. But that just makes the sex all that much better.

Running away from authority, the two cozy up in a carriage. Their intimate connection here runs wild, and the two end up doing it in the back seat. Vulnerable & intense, Titanic makes the sex scene so steamy that it fogs up the carriage window. 

Rather than show the explicit stuff, a single hand making a print on the window does the trick. Titanic scenes like this are unforgettable (plus they’re hotter than hot.)

The Notebook

Old love, new love. The Notebook makes sex a symbol of true love that withstands time. The famous sex scene in The Notebook is when Allie & Noah finally let go and do it after years of waiting. When they discover how they never let go of the love they shared, it only takes them moments to reunite. The rain pouring down, the beautiful music – this scene has to be on the list. 

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Not all sex scenes have to be sweet & loving. If any movie shows this, it’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Hot & wild, these two are literally all-out brawling and making love simultaneously. As far as movie sex scenes go, this one is on fire with lust – proving that passion can stem from both love & hate (sometimes at the same time.) 

This sex scene is easily one of the best scenes ever – especially considering that Mr. & Mrs. Smith was the movie that first sparked the beloved Brangelina pairing. 

Pretty Woman

Considering the main character is a prostitute (played by Julia Roberts), it’s sort of a given that there are sex scenes. But the sex scenes in Pretty Women evolve, showing how the bond between two people can flourish, endowing passionate relations with an extra sexy edge. 

The whole movie is worth the watch for hot & heavy moments but the best one of all has to be when they practically do it on a piano.  

Dirty Dancing

We’ll say it straight up – dancing is hawt. Dirty Dancing shows just how dirty it can be. Led by Jennifer Grey & Patrick Swayze, the two convince us that dancing may be the sexiest form of foreplay there is. 

Their hot connection leads to a vulnerable, precious love-making session that leaves us swooning. Dirty Dancing isn’t explicit when it comes down to the actual sex, but it doesn’t even have to be. What’s the real difference between dancing & sex anyways?

Across the Universe

Across the Universe is filled with deeply romantic moments. The relationship that blossoms between Jude & Lucy is juicy & heart-pounding. They’re not the kind of couple who stray away from passion – they jump in with their whole soul. 

One of the best love scenes in the abstract Beatle-inspired film, is set to the haunting tune “Because”. Jude & Lucy end up naked & kissing underwater. The strange, ethereal quality of this hot scene just makes the sex scene even more vibrant & lucious. 

Still not satisfied and want even more of the hottest sex scenes? Check out these lusty sex scenes to set the mood. 

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