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Movie and TV themed video games lose popularity fast, especially after the franchises they are based on ends. Here's the best movie-themed games.

Best Movie-Themed Gaming in 2020

Movie and TV themed video games lose popularity fast, especially after the franchises they are based on ends. However, there a few games inspired by Hollywood flicks and series that are as entertaining in 2020 as they were when they came out.

You’ve probably played a few of these games. Some are brand new, though, while others are video game gems not many people know about but they should. That said, here we go . . .

Game of Thrones by Telltale

After Telltale successfully created a video game franchise from the Walking Dead, it went after Game of Thrones. So far, its episode by episode release of the game has been a tremendous triumph.

Truth be told, the graphics in this video game aren’t as impressively as those in the HBO show. The characters look decent but their houses—mostly the brick walls—look pretty bland.

Another difference between the game and the show is that it looks more like a spinoff than a precise imitation of the series. Precisely, the game’s first family is called the Forresters and not the Starks. 

More differences are revealed as the storyline progresses. However, it features the same action-packed drama as the show. What’s more, everything else about the game, including the controls, are great.

Game of Thrones by Microgaming

Unlike the game by Telltale, this version doesn’t come episode by episode. Instead, it borrows inspiration from the HBO show to provide a thrilling action-filled experience.

In case you are wondering, developer Microgaming primarily deals with slot machines. As such, its version of Game of Thrones is also a slot machine you can play free or for real money online. 

You can find the game and other Microgaming slots on The website has a guide for daily new UK casinos in 2020. It also includes games from other providers, meaning you aren’t limited to slots from Microgaming alone.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Six years after its launch in 2014, South Park: The Stick of Truth, is still one of the best games online. For starters, it remained faithful to the TV show, including its politically incorrect jokes.

Similar to the TV series, you join Cartman and Co to explore the small Colorado-based town of South Park. Your goal is to adventure the town to find weapons, costumes, and other collectibles.

Of course, it’s not always sunny in Colorado. You’ll occasionally clash with people, more a gang led by Cartman. The fight is over who gets to own The Stick of Truth, an artifact some people believe holds the powers to rule the universe.

That said, South Park might be the most hilarious video game you play in 2020. It’s not the best game out there. But it’s designed to make you have fun whether you love South Park or not.

James Bond (Golden Eye) by Rare

In the long list of James Bond video games, it’s hard to imagine a game better than Golden Eye. It’s the granddaddy of them all, and one of the best video games of the last decade.

Unlike its cousins, Golden Eye invested more in completing missions rather than action-only. As a result, you won’t just be shooting bad guys but also, you’ll need to escape enemies without having to pull a trigger.

Golden Eye was so good that it inspired a few spinoffs. One of them is a slot machine, you can play from the comfort of your life. Speaking of which, you can find which Latvian casino is offering the slot on Laimz Kazino. Many of the sites have lucrative rewards for new players, which can help you play a few games free.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot by Cyber Connect

If you are an anime fan, you probably have played a few games based on Dragon Ball. In fact, there’s a chance you played the video game before you watched the TV series or read the book about it.

Kakarot is the latest video game inspired by the TV series. It is 33-hours long and follows up on the original DBZ franchise. However, critics note that its battles have been simplified to make it easier to play for new anime fans.

The gameplay is epic, to say the least. If you aren’t fighting extremely armed villains, you’ll be out exploring beautiful cities, deserts, and mountains. It also involves a few side missions like finding recipes or getting out to shop for car parts.

Alien: Isolation by Sega

Sega, the Japanese developer that dominated the industry in the 1990s, still creates great games these days. Alien: Isolation, in particular, is one of the best-rated games from the developer in a long while.

As the game’s name suggests, it aims to give you an alien experience. The alien in question, however, is invincible. So, when it comes out to attack, the only option is usually to hide.

With that in mind, the aim of isolation is to find the secret to killing alien through exploration while also trying to survive. To spice up things, the game relies on AI to create random encounters with aliens. As such, you won’t always know when to expect an attack no matter how many times you play it.

 Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic by BioWare

Knights of the Old Republic is a role-playing game that’s so popular with Star Wars fans than some rate it better than a few of the movies. It’s set 4000 years before the era of the movies.

However, the KOTOR age still had the marvelous technologies Star Wars fans are familiar with. The game starts in a Republic Starship amid an attack. You have no memory of the past but you have to swing into action quickly or you’ll die.

You begin to regain your memory along the way. You also have to make several moral decisions that determine what weapons and powers you gain. Precisely, you can choose to be a (good) Jedi or a dark Jedi. Crucially, you might want to play it severally to determine the perks of being either Jedi.

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