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Asian TV shows are rising in popularity thanks to streaming services like Netflix. Here are some of our favorite Thai boy love dramas available to stream.

Need to swoon? These Thai boy love dramas are all the romance you need

Asian TV shows are rising in popularity thanks to streaming services like Netflix. In the midst of anime and Korean dramas, another Asian media trend is emerging: boy love dramas. Following (often forbidden) romances between two teenage boys, these series have cult followings on forums & chat channels like Discord.

Most boy love dramas take place in a school setting, but some deal with work settings or even merge into other genres like fantasy. Netflix has a few offerings of boy love shows to dive into.

While not as widely known as Korean, Taiwanese, or Chinese boy love dramas, Thai boy love dramas can be just as funny, warmhearted, dramatic, and engaging. Ranging from comedic and lighthearted to hair-raising tension from multiple love triangles, these boy love dramas have something to offer no matter what the genre. 

Love Sick

Based on the popular web novel of the same name, Love Sick is a Thai boy love drama following two students at an exclusive high school. To save their music club’s funding, our heroes become “boyfriends” by pretending to date. Meanwhile, one of them has a girlfriend at a prestigious all-girls’ school, ensuring lots of drama.

Love Sick also possesses lots of laughs and a lighter tone for fans of romcoms. If you’re a fan of the web book or want more boy love dramas to explore, we highly recommend this one.

Sotus and Sotus S

Technically the same show, but one is a sequel, Sotus is a critically acclaimed fan favorite considered a gateway into the world of Thai boy love dramas. Setting up a relationship between the responsible Kongpob and reckless, spirited Arthit, Sotus explores themes of upholding honor and sticking with convictions in different ways. 

Flash forward two years: Sotus S follows Kongpob & Arthit as grown men. Kongpob joins the ranks of his college faculty in his final year of school, while Arthit works for a company at which Kongpob is eyeing an internship. Requesting to work under Arthit, will he & Kongpob be reunited?


A coming-of-age LGBT series centering around two college students, 2Moons is a Thai boy love drama following Phana, a second-year “moon” of the school tasked with overseeing incoming freshmen, including Wayo. Phana & Wayo fall in love amid a backdrop of tradition with questions of values & leadership at the forefront of each episode. 

Apropos its catchphrase “Without the earth, there is no moon”, 2Moons takes a thoughtful look at social norms, authority, and the impact of leadership. 

Check out 2Moons on YouTube.


Less of a strictly Thai boy love drama, this show is more like a Thai version of Degrassi. Following teenagers in Bangkok, this show explores the trials and tribulations they face as teenagers, including sex and sexuality. Hormones is a good Netflix-binge for people who are looking for more drama and realism in their shows. 

While there are a ton of Asian drama shows streaming on Netflix now, this niche subgenre with a cult following is picking up steam. These are a few great boy love dramas to help viewers gauge if this is a genre in which you’d be interested.

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