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Bring My Song to Life is a fantastic personalized gift to give someone this holiday season. Everyone will remember this one.

Making ‘wow’ moments: Bring My Song To Life

Music is inherently a part of us all, but not all of us are musicians – this does not mean we can’t make music. What are we making music for anyway? Usually, it’s to commemorate a special occasion, person, or circumstance, and a good song knows how to etch experiences deeper into our hearts in ways we will never forget. Bring My Song To Life creates the container for all these ‘wow’ moments.

Who Is Behind Bring My Song To Life?

Bring My Song To Life is a service specifically with one solution in mind: to create personalized songs, gift wrapped for special occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or Christmas. The best gift for a loved one can be found in music with its own lyrics tailored to said loved one. 

Music production and music publishing family, Tunedly, created Bring My Song To Life in 2019 after several requests from people who needed a song, but didn’t have any musical or songwriting experience. To date, the team at Tunedly has made over 4,000 songs and not shy to say they have worked with some well-established artists in the entertainment industry.

Their advisory board include names such as Mathew Knowles, who is the father of Beyonce and the driving force behind Destiny’s Child’s early success, as well as Harvey Mason Jr., currently busy putting together a Grammy Award show as the interim CEO. 

It Takes Three Steps 

You can order a song on the Bring My Song To Life’s website, and it really does take three steps. The first step is to give information about your story. Once you place an order it will give you the option to share more about the type of occasion, who the song is for, any noteworthy memories, and the type of response or reaction you would like the song to evoke. 

The second step involves writing the song’s lyrics, taken care of by one of Tunedly’s songwriters, which will be sent to you via email for approval or adjustments. When all the edits are done, the experienced team of musicians will start making the song. 

The third step is when the song is composed and recorded. You can choose a genre, or give permission for the songwriters and musicians to make the choice. You will be able to review the song before it is ready for its final download on your Personal Story Page, which will house all your images, lyrics, and where you can download, stream, or share (in MP3 format) your music files.

How Much Does a Song Cost? 

With a one-time purchase, there are three pricing options to choose from, namely, the ‘Nice and Simple’, which costs $99 and includes one instrument and vocals with a 5 to 7 day production time; the ‘Small Band’, which costs $299 and includes three instruments and vocals with a production time of 7 to 14 days, or the ‘Full Band’ option, which costs $499, but includes five instruments and vocals and a production time of 14 to 21 days.  

A story can be kept on the Bring My Song To Life’s website for as long as needed, which can also be used to upkeep a yearly subscription of music making. A subscription will send reminders about important occasions and use the documented memories, as well as a description of experiences over the last 12 months. 

Special Events

Co-founder, Mylène Besançon, describes Bring My Song To Life as a unique gift to those gifting others, ‘the uniqueness of a customized song is truly special’.  There’s a song for almost every occasion, and Bring My Song To Life will deliver, from Annual Diaries, Bar Mitzvahs, Birthdays, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Graduation, Honoring Soldiers, World Book Day, and even a specialized Fight Song. 


Bring My Song To Life offers a different take on gift-giving, and something so unique no-one will hear it coming. Visit Bring My Song To Life’s website for more information about their events and pricing plans. If you get stuck on ideas of what to give your loved one, and you need to spark inspiration, you can also read through their Fresh Blog for more tips or listen to several of their music samples on the home page.

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