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'Game of Thrones' sex scenes can be weird. Here are all the brutal 'Game of Thrones' sex scenes that don't sit right with fans.

Brutal ‘Game of Thrones’ sex scenes: Nobody wants to see these

When it comes to Game of Thrones, we wish it got a better last season. We also wish we didn’t have to see Grand Maester Pycelle do an almost naked victory dance after sexytimes with a woman a quarter his age. Game of Thrones sex scenes can be weird. 

They can also be problematic. Games of Thrones is the television event that rocked our springs through the 2010s. Not only did we fall in love with the Starks and quote Tyrion endlessly, we were on the edges of our seats wondering what would happen next. Plus, perky boobs and tight butts in the sex scenes were a bonus. 

But there were some other sex scenes that weren’t so nice in Game of Thrones. In retrospect, we wish these weren’t included or were done differently. Most of these have less to do with sexytimes and more to do with sexual assault. 

To get something out of the way, yes, we know Game of Thrones is a fantasy show based in medieval times and is therefore bound by realism/believability to showcase medieval attitudes on sex. For modern audiences, sorry not sorry, some of the Game of Thrones sex scenes’ subtext doesn’t sit well. 

Khal Drogo assaulting Danaerys on their wedding night (S1Ep1)

Right off the bat, we get a rape scene in Games of Thrones. In the first episode, Dany is crying and pleading with Khal Drogo not to make her have sex with him. Drogo is the chief of a Dothraki khalasar. Dany is betrothed to so her brother can take back the iron throne. While the scene cuts away, we see her disrobed and pushed to the ground. 

In the Game of Thrones novel, Danaerys’ wedding night chapter ends with a consensual finger-bang. Khal Drogo knew the word “no” and wasn’t portrayed as much like a tribal brute than he was in the show.  

Khal Drogo raping Danaerys, and then she learns to like sex? (S1Ep3)

In the next episode of Game of Thrones, we’re treated to a shot of Danerys weeping while Khal Drogo takes her from behind. This scene sets up the end where Dany takes charge of her sex life with her husband, takes him on top, then becomes pregnant with his child. 

Looking back on this episode of Game of Thrones’ sex scene, the premise of taking control of things in the bedroom or your husband will rape you anyway is just squicky and doesn’t sit well, especially since Dany’s bodily autonomy was respected by Khal Drogo in the book. 

Joffrey terrorizing prostitutes (S2Ep4)

By season 2 of Game of Thrones, we already know Joffrey is a massive jerkwad. From beheading Ned Stark to just being a general little asshole, the last thing we want to see is his foreplay terrorizing Ros and her other sex workers. 

In that episode of Game of Thrones, Tyrion buys Ros’ services for Joffrey’s name day. Why Tyrion would let Joffrey be alone with women when he knows Joffrey’s a monster is still a mystery to us. It’s no surprise it doesn’t end well. He makes Ros beat her companion in front of him for his pleasure, to the point where she screams and bleeds. 

It also sets up a harrowing scene in the next season of Game of Thrones where Joffrey shoots Roz through the chest naked with his crossbow. Why? Because he’s the king, so he can. 

Jaimie and Cersei have sex next to Joffrey’s corpse (S4Ep3)

Thankfully, Joffrey gets his comeuppance at the Purple Wedding in Game of Thrones season 4. The fandom rejoiced with Joffrey was taken out by a nasty poison at his own wedding. Next episode, though, we were treated to a disturbing sex scene. 

In this Game of Thrones sex scene, Cersei and Jaimie, Joffrey’s real biological father and Cersei’s twin brother, have sex on the table where Joffrey’s corpse is laid out in a shroud. While scenes between these twins were shrouded in some level of ew due to incest, sex on the table next to their dead son took it to another level of creepy. 

Ramsay Bolton rapes Sansa Stark (S5Ep6)

The scene on Game of Thrones that launched a thousand angry blogs, Littlefinger arranges for Sansa to marry Ramsay Bolton so they stand a chance of taking the North. Granted, Littlefinger doesn’t care about Sansa’s wellbeing, nor does he care that she’s violently raped on her wedding night and Theon Greyjoy is forced to watch. 

The Game of Thrones sex scene got a lot of criticism after it aired. Firstly, using rape as a plot device is iffy at best, insensitive at worst. Add that the scene was used for Theon Greyjoy or Reek’s turning point, not centering the act around the damage it did to Sansa, and you had many feminists and victim advocates declaring GoT canceled. 

Plus, the scene in the Game of Thrones book A Dance With Dragons was consensual between Ramsay and a fake Arya Stark. Taking a consensual sex scene from the book and making it rape was forced drama for ratings. Though we think the scene added to the deliciousness of Sansa feeding Ramsay to his own dogs at the end of Season Seven. 

Arya and Gendry get it on before the Battle of Winterfell (S8Ep2)

We watched little Arya grow up over the course of Game of Thrones. She starts out as a scrappy nine-year-old tomboy and grows up into a badass assassin. Through her journey, she meets Gendry, the bastard son of her dad’s best friend, King Robert Baratheon. 

There was much speculation among Game of Thrones fans on whether she’d hook up with Gendry, echoing the words of Robert’s betrothal proposal to Ned: “I have a son, you have a daughter, let’s join houses.” Turns out, Arya and Gendry got it on before the battle, but Arya turned Gendry down in a later episode. 

Granted, this Game of Thrones sex scene was consensual and was a little expected. There’s something weird about watching a woman we saw grow up engaging in sex though. A lot of us still see Arya as a little girl, so showing that was jarring and a little icky.

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