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Celebrity gamblers are everywhere. Find out which stars won big and which lost thousands at the poker table.

Celebrity gamblers and their big wins & losses

When you are famous and you have a lot of money, the question of whether or not to spend a thousand dollars on gambling becomes irrelevant. Nowadays, it is very popular among celebrities to play casino games. Moreover, many of them perfectly know blackjack speluitleg, and they are often private visitors in casinos.

Below, you will find out who of the famous media personalities visit gambling establishments more often and how much they have lost or won during their pastime.

Big wins

Let’s start with the tastiest – the biggest celebrity wins in the casino. Tobey Maguire will be the first on the list of lucky ones. His bid was $100,000. But the guy apparently still had a spider instinct, and it gave him big wins.

His colleagues, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, also like to sit out loud in the casino. Ben was incredibly generous one day and left a $150,000 tip after winning $800,000, which made the staff very happy. It is also worth mentioning that the famous actor was able to win the prize playing three $20,000 hands of Blackjack. Not the worst bet, isn’t it?

The next fan of betting on sports is Ashton Kutcher. The actor bluntly stated that he is, perhaps, almost the main sponsor of all betting businesses. Last time, Ashton spent $750,000 in just four weeks.

The list of the lucky ones to complete in this article is 50 Cent, who won $1 million and, later on, an additional $500,000. The most interesting thing is that the rapper later tweeted that sometimes, he listens to the voices in his head, which tell him the right actions to win.

The biggest losses 

Now, let’s get to the list of the biggest celebrity losses in history. Surprisingly, among those who suffered from the biggest losses, there are just the same sports stars who, apparently, do not know ordinary poker regels.

And first on the losing list is Charles Barkley, the NBA star who lost 20,000,000 US dollars. Due to this amount of losses, Charles even had problems with the casino.

Also, Manchester United’s best player, Wayne Rooney, lost a huge amount. The player has a strong gambling addiction; so, this is not surprising. He lost 500,000 pounds in just two hours playing roulette.

In conclusion, you must remember one essential thing: Mother Fortune is a changeable lady. And for the gaming activity not to harm you, you need to remember about the limits.

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