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Ah the celebrity sex scene, when you get to see your favorite celeb having simulated sex onscreen. Here are memes about celebrity sex scenes.

Celebrity sex scenes: These memes make our favorites even better

Ah the celebrity sex scene, when you get to see your favorite celeb having simulated sex onscreen. It’s a bit voyeuristic, but some of the best sex scenes really capture the moment in some new and interesting ways. While we’ve talked about some of the truly great (and truly awful) celebrity sex scenes out there, we haven’t really got into the memes, huh?

Now, to be fair, celebrity sex memes can get a little . . . gross. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t some great content. From awkwardly watching a celebrity sex scene with your parents to the hilarious faces people make while fake orgasming, this meme list will have it all for you to laugh at. Why? Because everyone is horny as hell in quarantine apparently. 

1. The most awkward situation ever when a sex scene comes on

You just stay in your seats. You look straight ahead. You pray that it will end eventually. You just pray that it will end.

2. Mess ‘em up, sweetie

I mean, like, Arya could go that whole black widow route if she really, really wanted to. 

3. Huh, there’s a point here

Things make a lot of disturbing sense when you realize that Yoda was probably, like, Luke’s Force sugar daddy. It’s disturbing, but also Luke Skywalker is a twink. So…whatcha gonna do. 

4. Awkward

Parasite is a glorious movie and should be seen by everyone. But also keep in mind about that sex scene when you’re watching it with your parents. That’s just common sense when watching movies with your family. Know where the sex scenes are, people!

5. This

The next sex comedy about teen boys trying to lose their virginity should give the true experience of them lying there like a dead fish and leaving their partner disappointed after. Because it’s absolutely hilarious since it’s true.

6. And, of course, for the adventurous couples

It’s not weird if you want to roleplay being swept off your feet by Chris Evans. Because he’ll be attentive to your needs at least. Just enjoy the fantasy.

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