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Netflix's new show 'Tiny Pretty Things' is not what viewers were expecting. Could it be there's such a thing as too many celebrity sex scenes?

Celebrity sex scenes: Does ‘Tiny Pretty Things’ push it too far?

If you haven’t been watching Netflix’s new show Tiny Pretty Things, some say it might be best to skip it. Recently, the show has been slammed for its surplus of graphic sex scenes involving underaged characters.

Murderous ballerinas?

Tiny Pretty Things follows Neveah (Kylie Jefferson), a ballerina who gets a sought-after spot at the elite Chicago Ballet Academy after the company’s previous star was pushed off a roof to her death. From there, the show follows Neveah’s dark & twisted journey to discover the truth about her death and more unsettling secrets about the ballet school.

The show is based on the popular young adult novel Tiny Pretty Things and its sequel Shiny Broken Pieces by authors Sona Charaipotra & Dhonielle Clayton. Many fans of the books, however, are not fans of the adaptation, and are slamming it for copious amounts of sex which did not appear in its source material.

Where does sex fit in?

In addition to scenes including dancing & mystery-solving, Tiny Pretty Things has sex. A lot of it. Some people criticize the scenes for being too graphic, while others fault them for involving minors, (the celebrity cast-members are all adults, but play sixteen-year-olds, which is kinda . . . sketchy.)

Viewer responses

Many viewers think the celebrity sex scenes in Tiny Pretty Things are not only unnecessary, but distracting. One user commented: “Okay i really like the plot of Tiny Pretty Things on Netflix but ever since i saw that tweet about Hollywoods obsessions with minors having sex i literally cant unsee. It’s actually so out of pocket how graphic it is in this show.”

Another Twitter user had the same experience with watching the show, writing: “TW sexual assault/So I’ve been enjoying Tiny Pretty Things overall, but the constant nudity and explicit sex scenes featuring underage characters has made me super uncomfortable, as has teacher/student sex. The ep I just watched had on-screen sexual assault and it’s left me ill.”

Another bashed Netflix for their questionable choices, stating “Tiny Pretty Things by @Netflix had so much potential for a story about a Black woman striving to succeed in a white, privileged sport. But instead it’s just a show about sex. Why is Netflix so obsessed with sexualizing minors and pushing student-teacher affairs.”

Another Twitter user chimed on: “Trying to watch Tiny Pretty Things not sure if the ages of the characters but I’m assuming they’re high school age teenagers and i am so uncomfortable seeing sex scenes. Can we have teen and young adult shows with less or no sex scenes pleaase and thank you.” Yikes. Looks like Netflix might have to read the room next time around.

Critical responses

Overall, critics mostly suggest that Tiny Pretty Things isn’t super worth the watch. Decider stated: “Tiny Pretty Things will make you never want to enroll your kids in a ballet class, given how emotionally scarring the art is portrayed to be here. Between that, the cliched characters and the clunky dialogue, you’re better off watching Bunheads over and over instead.”

The A.V. Club also argues Tiny Pretty Things’s dramatic plot points are difficult to focus on: “because there is simply so much going on: Affairs, sex, profoundly inappropriate relations between staff and underage students, more sex, a complex trafficking ring, and, dear god, a preponderance of sex.”

Unfortunately, the overwhelming verdict seems that Tiny Pretty Things leaves quite a bit to be desired, and not just because of its inappropriate celebrity sex scenes. So, while the show has a promising premise, it might be best to cross off your holiday watchlist.

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