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The successful CEO Amit Seyani, is the founder of the popular dating app Snatachable. Here's Seyani's 5 tips about the dating world.

CEO Amit Seyani shares 5 tips about getting into the dating world

The successful CEO Amit Seyani, is the founder of the popular dating app Snatchable. Amit loves to connect with people and believes that in the modern generation people are relying on modern technology, in order to meet each other and connect romantically. 

Amit wants people to understand that no matter how old you are and what experience you have, dating online is an opportunity for everyone. He wants to get people prepared for the dating world, by sharing 5 tips about it. Here are 5 tips to keep in mind, when you want to get into the dating world.

Be honest 

When setting up a dating or ashleymadison profile, you should be completely honest about yourself. Amit explains that “People can see through you when you try to convey yourself trying to be someone else. What attracts people the most is honesty, since they know that you have sincerity and nothing to hide.”

Amit suggests to put up photos that you feel comfortable and happy about, as well as details that make you stand out, just by being you. You will soon see that there are many people out there like you, who have the same common interests, passions and views as you do. 


Don’t be scared to say no

When meeting people online, you might come across people who would put pressure on you or are persistent when you don’t want them to be. Amit states, “Don’t be scared to let people down gently. If they cannot take your answer as no the first time, then don’t be scared to stand up for yourself and continue to say no.

Safety matters when it comes to online dating and it is important for everybody to feel safe and comfortable when connecting online.” Even though technology is now the normality to meet someone online, it still matters to be just as safe as you would be when you are turning down someone in person.

Don’t get into stalking

When you get to know someone, you automatically have that instinct of wanting to find out more about someone by checking them up online. Amit explains, “Try to stop yourself from doing this, because you might get too into it and you’ll be distracted from actually getting to know the person.”

Sometimes you might be automatically looking for the negatives in the person, but it is best to actually discover the person first and allow them to open up to you when they want to. If you start a relationship negatively, you will never be able to build the trust that you need with that person.

Meet up somewhere safe

When you are getting to know someone online, it can be easier because you are not face to face and you can take your time to respond to that person. However, there can also be the likelihood that the person who you have been talking to online may not be who they say they are in person.

Amit advises, “Always make sure that when you are meeting up with someone in a crowded place like a coffee shop. Make sure that you feel comfortable and it is casual, so that you both feel safe and relaxed.” If you ever do not feel safe when you are with someone, always discreetly let someone know who is working in the establishment that you are in, so that they could help you.

Use all the features that you can

With Snatchable, you pay for the package that has features such as selfie verifications, video calling, and limited instant chat. Amit suggests that “With Snatchable we have safety measures such as selfie verifications, in order to know that everyone is safe online.

It is best to use all of the features when you’re getting to know someone, so that you can build that personal level with them too.” When you are video calling someone, you get to discover each other through body language and you get to also build that intimacy. 

Getting to know someone online can be fun and there is a strong potential outcome of meeting your partner for life online. It is becoming more and more common these days.

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