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Would you like to find out what locations welcomed the most remarkable and popular teenage flicks? We bet you would! Here's 5 movies filmed on campus.

5 Movies Filmed on College Campuses

Radiating vigorous, youthful magic, college movies have some outstanding cinematography. A group of easy-going friends making an intimate pledge to do “that thing” before they graduate, or a target of the mysterious murderer wearing a Ghostface mask, seeking all possible ways to survive – set against the background of the college world, teenage movies are a big “crush” for young people. And what could make college-inspired flicks even more striking other than their authentic setting, the campus itself? 

Yes, pompous, artsy academic institutions do serve as unique backdrops for thrilling teenage films that feature student culture as it is, from partying swashbucklers who would rather buy an essay from online writing services than pen it themselves, to tenacious nerds swotting their lectures. 

That being said, wouldn’t you, a devoted admirer of college movie philosophy, like to find out what locations welcomed the most remarkable and popular teenage flicks? We bet you would! 

1. Scream II (1997) — Agnes Scott College, GA

As the paragon of late-90s teenage horror cinematography, and the highest-grossing slasher in history, this adorable (yes, despite being horror, this film is too nostalgic for many) movie was shot at one of the leading US women’s college campuses  – Agnes Scott College campus. The backdrop of Scream II largely adds to its authenticity as a movie about students and promotes the concept of their determination and willpower. 

The campus setting points to the facts that the daring, fearless people who so avidly stand up to the plastic face of horror are just regular college kids chasing the perks of being young, but instead facing the perils of living in a bad, mad world.

Given the great popularity of this teen slasher masterpiece, for many people, college life has become associated particularly with Scream II and lovable Sidney Prescott, brilliantly portrayed by Neve Campbell who back then effused a unique brand of young and cozy elegance.

2. American Pie (1999) — California State University, CA 

What if you and your friends made an agreement to do something truly special before your prom night? And what if that special something would have to do with your first sexual experience? Can you imagine the scope of fun frustration and sweet embarrassment you all would have to go through? 

As a hilarious and outstanding teen comedy, American Pie has become an exemplar of its genre, establishing the iconic and unchanging image of teenage comedy filmmaking. 

But, even though the flick features a fascinating plot and stars young and talented actors who set the right tone for the entire youth comedy genre, what worth would it have if it weren’t for the movie’s essential backdrop, the college, where the backward schoolboys conspire to become men by the end of their “girl-less” yet memorable school days? 

3. A Beautiful Mind (2001) — Princeton University, NJ

Being the only film on our list that has substantial philosophical and psychological depth rather than an entertaining but shallow story-line, A Beautiful Mind features the campus as one of its indispensable settings for the plot. And the campus life in this thought-provoking movie has a deep, complex significance used to convey the challenging message of the film.

The grace of Princeton University enhances and sharpens the movie’s cultivated theme, while the academic institution itself becomes the inherent element of the film’s intimidating yet awe-inspiring grandeur. 

4. 22 Jump Street (2014) — Tulane University, LA

This passionately beloved flick has established itself as an icon of the modern teenage comedy genre. As its exciting and somewhat twisted plot (which only benefits the film) features the marvelous Tulane University campus, 22 Jump Street has become an inspiration for American teens who want to study at a place as luxurious and live as wildly as the guys featured in the film!

Highly engrossing and spectacular, this movie is a remarkable piece of teenage filmmaking that boasts a lavish campus life.

5. Road Trip (2000) — Emory University, GA

This gripping and adventurous teenage film is another movie that could have never won viewers’ hearts without its terrific setting. Yes, it’s the famous Emory University campus where a desperate Josh, the film’s protagonist, unexpectedly and somewhat unwillingly cheats on the love of his life. 

In this teen comedy, the renowned educational campus is featured in all its beauty, being both the picturesque building at the film’s backdrop and the symbolic place where the dramatic event, which preceded the epic trip, occurred.

The breathtaking road trip Josh and his pals take is not the only likable part of this college-inspired flick; it is also a farewell to the unbridled spirit of youth, verve, and naivety that films show us, which allegedly ended as the new, more innovative epoch took over at the turn of the century.

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